Jam-packed weekend

This weekend was surprisingly busy. It was one of those that we didn’t really have any plans, but got a lot done in just a couple of days. It all started Friday, when I got home a little bit late from work and all I wanted to do was relax. So, we spent some time outside. Olivia and I took a little walk around the yard before it was her bedtime.

OMA flowers

Then Ryan grilled some steaks and we had dinner outside with some good beer. We had steaks and the couscous mix from Trader Joes. It’s delicious and I think they should finally build one over here already. My closest one is a little over two hours away.

Grill Friday

Saturday, the first thing I did was get groceries. A whole bunch of fruits and veggies cause we really should eat more of those.


Then, it was Olivia time again. The day was so nice that we got a blanket out and spent some time outside. We all loved it.

Outisde Saturday

A little while later we went over to Cedar Lake for a walk around the trail. i wanted to check it out as a possibility of trail I can use with the jogging stroller and it seemed like a possible candidate. I tried to run for a bit and it felt so good. Definitely need to get back on it.

Cedar Lake walk

We stopped at one of the shelters to get Olivia out and give her some fresh air. She was pure joy.

Cedar Lake break

The evening was spent over at Ryan’s cousin’s house where we had some dinner and hung out with their almost two-year old. Olivia just loved watching him run around.

Sunday morning Ryan wanted a big breakfast, so we went to try a new place for us. After some online research, we ended up at Breakfast House. It was a pretty small place, with great food and a sort of hectic service. After waiting at the door for a while without a word from the waitresses that were walking around, we ended up sitting ourselves at the only empty table and getting service a bit later.

Breakfast House

I ended up ordering a waffle and chicken sandwich. This is normally way out of my comfort zone, but for some reason it was very appealing. Well, it was delicious. One of the best waffles I’ve ever had and the chicken was pretty spot on as well. So, we’ll definitely give this place another try.

Chicken Waffles

Then it was back to the house to get things done around the house: meal prepping, laundry, cleaning, cutting Ryan’s hair, getting things ready for the week, etc. Olivia also got to work her little legs out. She loves being held up so she can stand.

OMA leg workout

Somewhere in between there, we headed out for another walk. This time, we went to Cherry Hill Park and took a stroll around it. This one is a crushed stone path, but it was very steady, so another great contender for running. Plus, it has the aquatic park right by it, so it got us excited to get Olivia in the water this summer. It was another sunny day, so Ryan and I rigged up the stroller with an umbrella. You might call us ridiculous, but this way she was protected from the sun, was still able to look around and get a nice breeze, contrary to closing her up with the stroller canopies. It worked like a charm.

Cherry Hill walk

Finally, we ended the day relaxing at home and watching Game of Thrones. Shocker! In other news, Olivia found her legs this weeks. They haven’t made it to her mouth yet, but it’s still super fun to watch her try to grab them. She’s a ball of joy!

OMA feet

Have a great week!

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