Nursing Favorites

Midweek roundup post! There’s been a  lot lately, but I want to make sure to share different items that have made my life easier lately and maybe help some mammas out there. Today, it’s all about my nursing favorites. I didn’t think of this too much before, but now that I’m pumping more often, there’s definitely some things I couldn’t live without. It’s al about making your life a bit easier.

Nursing Favorites

Baby Nursing App

I’ve used the BabyNursing app every day since we brought Olivia home. The hospital wanted me to track how long and often the bay nursed for the first few days and keeping a written tab was too much for my mommy brain. I got used to tracking nursing and pumping time and it definitely has helped me see a pattern in Olivia’s feeding schedule. Specially for a new mom, this has been very helpful. Now that I’m pumping at work. I can track my production day to day and compare it to Olivia’s intake at childcare. It can also track doctor visits, vaccines and measurements. It has definitely come in very handy a few times.

BabyNursing App

Nursing Tanks

I have a few nursing tanks and bras, but the tanks have made it super easy to have access to the goods when Olivia is ready or when I need to pump. The Gilligan O’Malley tanks from Target are my favorite. They’re comfortable, easy to adjust and the clasp has never come undone for me, which I’ve heard might be a problem with some tanks. I’m even considering buying a couple more!

Gilligan O Malley Nursing Tank

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump

Obviously, you’ll need a pump if you’re going back to work and will need to pump, unless you want to do it manually. I know I didn’t. Pumping can also be useful to create a backup stock of frozen milk. This can be useful if you’re going on vacation, for daycare, to compensate low milk production, etc. The Medela Pump In Style Breastpump is very easy to use and carry around. If you want to, they have upgrades for the pump in a bag or backpack. I did have to buy smaller cones to accommodate my smaller bust, so be aware of that. With replacements parts easily available, this has been a great pump so far.

Medela Pump In Style

Storage Bags

If you’re pumping, you more than likely need to store your milk somewhere. The Up & Up Breast Milk Storage Bags from Target have been very useful. You can write down the amount, date, time and name (useful for daycare) on each bag to keep track of your milk store. Freezing them flat minimizes space and makes it easy to store in the freezer. I froze all my expressed milk during my maternity leave. Now, I freeze what I express on Fridays, and use my older stock on Mondays for daycare. I haven’t had any leaks or freezing and thawing issues with these bags. Very useful and good quality!

Up&Up Milk Storage Bags

Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream

Yep, you’ll need it. The first few days when both Olivia and I were learning the basics of breastfeeding, your nipples are going to go through an adjustment period. Lansinoh’s Lanolin is going to be your savior. It’s also gentle enough to come in contact with your baby. Now, I still use it after each pumping session and on days where breastfeeding sessions go a little longer than usual.

Lansinoh Lanolin

Munchkin Bottle Dryer Rack and Brush

As far as dryer racks go, you can pretty much whichever suits your fancy. I picked this Munchkin one out and have been pretty satisfied with it. It has a place for everything, even special holders for Dr. Brown’s bottle vents, and is easy to clean. Plus, you can fold it up and put it away if not in use, which is probably going to be in a year or so haha. The brush though, I definitely love it. I had tried another Munchkin brush, without the sponge, but found the bristles to be too stiff and any time I took it out of the bottle it sprayed everywhere. I bought this one instead and have loved it ever since. Even though it doesn’t have a suction cup to stay put on the countertop, the ease of cleaning with it trumps that. Easy to use and I don’t have a mess of soap and water all over the kitchen afterwards.

Munchkin Dryer RackMunchkin Bottle Brush


Specifically, oatmeal breakfast cookies and energy bites. As I am pumping at work and lacking the natural supply cues from Olivia, protein is a big part on keeping my supply up. It’s also a way to keep my caloric intake higher to be able to feed the demand of milk. I’ve taken to eating after every nursing or pumping session, three around regular meals and two with snacks. I don’t eat after the midnight feeding, but do drink water. My two snacks usually consist of either oatmeal cookies or balls. I’ve shared the recipe for the energy bites before and the one for the breakfast cookies of Friday. A batch of each gets made every Sunday in my house. Does it work? Not sure, but I like to think so.

Oatmeal Snacks

Those are just some of the items that have worked for me and I use on a daily basis. Hope this helps some nursing mammas out there!

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