Parents in Town

Happy Wednesday! To those of you who got to have a long weekend, I hope you enjoyed it! We definitely did over here. My parents came over to visit and they had plenty of time to get to hang out with Olivia. I fully enjoyed the weekend, so I didn’t take a bunch of pictures, just living in the moment, but I’ll share some of the ones I did take with you.

Friday night Ryan and I kicked off the weekend by having a beer and watching Sisters. Had a few good laughs with that one. Saturday morning, Ryan went fishing while Olivia and I stayed home to clean while watching Beauty and the Beast. She was pretty clingy that morning and would only be Ok if I held her. So, into the Ergobaby she went and ended up taking a nap there. Once Ryan got back, I finished cleaning up and got groceries for the week. Then, it was time for a little walk before it got rainy.

OMA rolling over

My parents arrived late that night, but they got to see Olivia for a little bit. They received her with a suitcase full of presents. It’s official, Olivia now has more clothes than I do.

OMA presents

Sunday, we headed out for breakfast and then it was all about hanging out and spending time with Olivia. Of course, with the mandatory Target run. The day was absolutely gorgeous, so we spent a lot of the time outside. Just enjoying the sun and nice weather.


Monday was again spent hanging out with Olivia and trying to make her smile as much as possible. We also grilled for both lunch and dinner because that’s what you do on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day w OMA

Tuesday was back to work for Ryan and I, while my parents spent the whole day with Olivia all to themselves. She did great! I absolutely loved getting all the picture and video updates from them.

Abuelos OMA

Now, it’s back to just the three of us until tomorrow when by big sister comes to visit haha.

Have a good rest of the week!


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