Starfish Shadow Box

It’s Wednesday! Hope you’ve been having a wonderful week. Today, I’m sharing the craft I made this weekend. It’s a fun addition to my nautical bathroom décor, plus it incorporates some of the décor I used for our wedding. It turned out even better than I envisioned.

Starfish Shadow Box

Materials needed:

Starfish Shadow Box materials

This first step is actually completely optional. To make the frame match my décor, which is in brown and orange tones, I decided to change it’s color. For this, I just used some Rust-oleum metallic spray paint. A couple of coats did the trick.

Starfish Shadow Box spray paint

Next, measure and outline the area visible in the shadow box. A light pencil mark on the cardstock paper will do.

Starfish Shadow Box outline

Start adhering the starfish to the cardstock with a few dots of hot glue on the back. start with the corners of the paper, then the edges and slowly work your way in.

Starfish Shadow Box glue

Fill in until the first layer is done. At this point, you can call it quits and hang your piece up, or add more starfish.

Starfish Shadow Box first layer

I decided to add a second layer to make it look fuller and give it more depth. It is a shadow box after all.

Starfish Shadow Box second layer

Once finished, assemble the frame and hang up.

Starfish Shadow Box how to

Pretty simple, but it actually has a lot of visual interest.

Starfish Shadow Box detail

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