Olivia’s Four Month Update

This past couple of weeks have been quite amazing. Every day, Olivia shows some new skill she acquired. She is extremely alert and happy and loves to interact with people. A third of her first year has passed, WOW! She’s in a super fun stage right now and I’m loving every second I get to spend with her. Plus, we had our four month checkup on Monday and everything is going great with her. Growing as expected and developing perfectly as well.



Still going about every three hours during the day and anywhere between 4-6 hours at night. Still on the 5oz per bottle feeding and 10-15 minutes per side while nursing. Pumping has been going a little bit better, but I haven’t really seen a huge rise in supply. So, I’ll just keep trucking along until I can’t anymore. Her new thing during some feedings is getting distracted. She’ll start eating, then look around the room and then keep eating. Or , she’ll stare at me and try to make me smile before she keeps eating, what a goober!

Eating OMA


She has been doing pretty good with sleep. There’s been a couple of days when she has fought sleep, one time for two excruciating hours. Mostly, she has no problem in going to bed after her 8 or 9 o’clock feeding. Sometimes, she’ll even skip that and fall asleep until midnight. Her naps are more of  hit and miss thing. She naps about twice a day at daycare, 1-2 hours each. At home, probably because she gets more activity and interaction, she’ll need at least a cat nap between feedings. She ends up napping less time, but more often. I can already see how this whole long summer days is messing up her bedtime though. This week, I had Ryan put a blanket on top of the curtains on one of her windows. Waaay too much light coming in to stimulate sleep.

Resting OMA

Awake Time

This girl loves to have all attention on her. She thrives on interaction and loves to be talked to, sang to and played with. She is also very observant of everything around her. At the appointment, the doctor mentioned that at this stage they might start getting bored and I can definitely tell. Once she starts getting a bit fussy and it’s not nap or eating time, a quick change of scenery or new toy usually does the trick. She spends her time talking, screaming (a brand new skill she loves), sucking on everything, taking a hold of anything that crosses her path, holding her feet, looking around, wriggling and smiling. She’s a pro at holding her head up while on her belly and loves to be standing up, when held of course. She is mastering rolling over back to belly and is working on the other way around now. She is also loving bath time right now. Ryan usually takes care of it and they seem to have a lot of fun splashing around in the water.

Oball Infant Rattle


Milk production is still a battle for me. I don’t have low supply, but I fight to keep up with her. Talking to the lactation consultants at the hospital has been a huge help. Working on different strategies to stay on top of it and not fall behind. I did talk to the pediatrician of when to consider supplementation and she suggested just doing a feeding a day if it comes to it. Better to prolong breastfeeding, than to just use up all the stock now. I still haven’t started an exercise routine, not because of lack of wanting, but because of lack of time. Ten hour work days give me little extra time to get everything done around the house, and weekends are usually devoted to spending time with her and catching up with housework, plus all the summer travels and activities that take up time. Hopefully soon I’ll get back to it, at least once a week.

OMA and I


Just got over her first cold. She developed two fevers that went down right away with Tylenol. She never got fussy, but slept a lot. It only lasted about three days and now she’s back to her happy energetic self.

Cold OMA

We had a few visitors this past month and Olivia did her part in leaving a mark on each one of them, mostly consisting of spit up. She’s our special little girl. Both my parents and sister got to spend some quality time with her.


We love spending time outside. There’s so much to look at! The sun and the nice breeze puts anyone in a good mood. Also, we’re now super confident in taking her with us when we head out the door.

Iowa Arts

I am loving this stage right now and cherish every moment I get to spend with this little girl, even the two hours she spent the other day fighting sleep. It’s amazing seeing what new things she comes up with every day and there’s nothing like seeing her smile at the end of a rough workday or to start the morning off in a great mood.

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