Red & Gunmetal Necklace

It’s Friday! This weekend I hope to concentrate on doing a bit of relaxing, after I clean the house of course. I told Ryan that he called the shots this weekend and all he wants to do is relax and maybe go fishing. I’m totally game for that. We plan on heading out earlier rather than later to avoid the heat, it’s going to get quite warm this weekend. I’ll tell you all about what we end up doing on Monday’s post.

For now, I’m sharing another quick necklace tutorial. A lot of these are made with materials I already have on hand. The chains for this necklace actually came from an old necklace I never used and saved for parts. I do that a lot and need to start to get rid of some of these. And so, the red and gunmetal necklace was born.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace

Materials needed:

  • gunmetal chain in various sizes/types of links
    • (2) 4.5” sections of bigger chain
    • (4) 9.75” sections of fine or small chain
    • small strands for accent beads: .5”, .75” and 1.25”
  • four small red beads
  • one large red accent bead
  • round end of a toggle clasp
  • jump rings, clasp and head pins
  • jewelry pliers

Red n Gunmetal Necklace materials

For this necklace I started working from the bottom up. I first got the red pendant ready. The wholes on the bead were a bit large for a headpin. There’s two options for this, you can either add a small bead to act as a stopper or just do a small loop with the wire (same as an eyepin). I did the later and attached a jump ring on one end.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace pendant

Attach the toggle clasp with the “eye” side on top.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace toggle

With one jump ring, connect two 4.5” long pieces of the thicker gunmetal chain to the toggle clasp.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace chian

With another jump ring, connect each strand of thick chain to two of the smaller 9.75” long strands.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace chains

Finally, connect the clasp to the ends of these chains.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace xlasp

At this point, you can definitely use the necklace as is.

Red and Gunmetal Necklace

But let’s add a little flare. Place a headpin on each of the four small beads.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace  accent beads

Attach each one to the end of one of the small chains. One will be left out.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace  w chains

Connect all of these to the necklace by attaching all the chain and bead combos to a jump ring, plus the lone bead as well. Then, attach this jump ring to the jump ring connecting both sets of chains on one side of the necklace.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace  attchs beads


Red n Gunmetal Necklace with accent beads

A nice and simple design. I mostly like it paired with grays or whites.

Red n Gunmetal Necklace how to

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love it!! 😍

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