First Father’s Day

Hi! Hope you had a good weekend! Things over here were pretty hectic, not that we were too busy, but Olivia was Mrs. Needy all weekend long. Plus, she had a couple of nights when she slept through the night in the week and now I’m dealing with a plugged duct, not fun. Nonetheless, Ryan and I got to spend some time together at the house and celebrate Father’s Day.

Work sillyness

Friday, I picked up Olivia a little earlier from daycare so we were able to spend some time outside before I had to start dinner. I even got to do some weeding to our front beds, which honestly needs to happen more often.

OMA Friday

Saturday, Ryan woke up bright and early to go fishing, so Olivia and I spent a little longer morning in bed. Once we were both wide awake, we spent some time on the floor working on her upper body strength. This girl will be rocking on all fours in no time…

OMA hands

Once Ryan got back, we went out to walk around and get a pool for Olivia. She already loves bath time and we really want her to love the water. I pretty much spent half of my childhood in the sea, so Olivia being comfortable in the water is very important to me.

Pool w dad

She actually had a pretty good time. She still doesn’t know the concept of splashing, but she was moving her legs around and bobbing for her pacifier. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do this often.

Pool w mom

We had our fun here and there, but honestly Olivia was a handful this weekend, literally. We were unable to lay her down for a nap at all during the weekend and she wanted to be held most of the time. She was cranky! Hence, the only naps she took during the day were either when she was nursing or on the carrier. It took us about two and a half hours to get her to sleep on Saturday. We were both exhausted and I woke up Sunday with sore arms. Holding a 13 pound baby for so long will do that.

OMA sunnies

It was a new day though, and Father’s Day!, so we made Ryan his breakfast of choice: biscuits and gravy with hash brown potatoes. It doesn’t really photograph well, but it was delicious.

Dad's breakfast

He got in some playtime with Olivia (the pic is actually form Saturday, but I hardly took any on Sunday) and then got to finish mowing the lawn. He later proceeded to do what dads do best, tried to fix things. The self-propulsion zonked out on the mower, so he tried to fix that while watching golf. Yep, he’s totally a dad.

OMA hanging

The rest of the day was spent changing the scenery for the little lady so she wouldn’t get bored or fussy. She really was a handful. We did get to spend some time outside, which she loves.

sunday out

Plus, the weather was super nice.

Sunday view

It’s a new week now and she had another all-nighter last night, so here’s to hoping for an easier week where we can catch up on rest!

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