Can’t Escape the Clouds

Good morning! Hopefully, you were able to see some sun this weekend. It seems that the clouds were following us wherever we went, so didn’t get to enjoy the warmth at all. We headed to Ryan’s parents lake property to stay in their camper for the weekend to celebrate Independence Day and my MIL’s birthday. We had a good time, but it never really felt like a holiday weekend due to the lack of sun.

We took off Friday after work and got there when it was still light out. We ended up staying until Sunday afternoon when we decided to head back and get some things done around the house. The whole time we were there, it was pretty cold, so we stayed inside most of the time.

Camper Hangout

Ryan went fishing with his dad for a while and when they got back it was firecracker time. Olivia enjoyed the ‘POP!’s from inside the camper.


Olivia proved to be quite the entertainer and was having a blast during tummy time. Which is really her time to experiment with rolling over as much as possible until she runs into a piece of furniture and can’t anymore.

Floor Time

We also read some books. Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman which is quote fun. She might not really follow the story yet, but she does love looking at the pictures and touching the book.

Chus Day

Olivia got plenty of grandparent time during the weekend as well. They all loved it.

Mirror Mirror

We actually put on her July 4th attire on the third, since we weren’t going to be with the family for the actual holiday.

4th outfit

The rain from Saturday cleared up enough for us to be able to enjoy some campfire and smores.


Plus, we enjoyed the fireworks on Saturday night. Being right by the lake, we had some pretty good views  to them.


Once back home, we enjoyed some more floor time. This girl loves to move.

back at home

I also took the time to go on a run. Ran my first non-stop mile since having Olivia. It felt great! Can’t wait to get a workout routine going again.


Once showered and all dressed up, we headed out for a bite to eat. Though still cloudy, it was still nice enough to enjoy some patio time.

Out to eat

Then, of course, dessert. I did not expect the ice-cream to be this huge! Seriously, it was heavy. Ryan and I still enjoyed it, so no complaints here.

Ice cream time

Another new thing, Olivia enjoyed some cereal this weekend. She spent most of the time trying to grab the spoon and keep it in her mouth. After a few more cereal feedings, I think we’ll be ready for some real food. Exciting!

Dinner for OMA

Glad this is a short week because I’m exhausted from the weekend.

Fam time

Excited for next one though because my sister Hanna is coming into town! Girls weekend!

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