31st Birthday Weekend. Sister in Town!

Good morning! This weekend was pretty special because I celebrated my 31st birthday yesterday and my sister Hanna was here to help me celebrate. Plus, Ryan was away in a golf tournament, so it turned into a girls weekend. Fun and exhausting.

Hanna got into town Thursday afternoon, so she babysat Olivia all day Friday while I worked. Once again, I loved getting all the picture updates through the workday, makes it go a lot faster.

Hanna and OMA

Friday night, we just relaxed, ordered pizza and took care of Olivia. It was an interesting night taking care of this little lady without Ryan for the first time. A little tiring since she’s going though some sort of sleep regression/separation anxiety/fighting sleep right now. Nonetheless, I was somehow able to get enough sleep.

Sat morning

Saturday morning, the three of us hit the trail for a quick run/walk workout. The morning was beautiful. It felt great to start the day being active outside.

Run Saturday

Then, we got showered and ready to hit up some stores. We stopped at Target and Old Navy and bought Olivia some cute outfits. Shopping for little girls is too fun.


On the way back home, we stopped by NewBo for some coffee. Olivia’s face in this pic is priceless.


We also got some steamed buns to hold off our tummies until dinner. Delish!

Dumpling Darlings

We brought back some cupcakes, a chocolate beer and an almond one. Sharing is caring.

That One Cupcake Place

The rest of the day, we did whatever Olivia wanted, which included spending some time outside before bedtime.

Owl blanket

Sunday we went out for breakfast to The Breakfast House, which once again was delicious.

 BFast House

The day turned out stormy afterwards, so we spent the rest of the day hanging out in the house.

OMA ballerina

Plus, I might have made some chocolate cake for my birthday…

Choco Cake

Olivia was pretty fuzzy last night and we hardly got any sleep, so here’s to hoping this week will be a bit better. My plans: relax and take all the naps.

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