Olivia’s Five Month Update

Wow! It feels like I just wrote her four month update. Olivia is keeping us quite busy as she demands all of our attention lately. She is super active and loves to play and interact with people. She is also quite a little observer, taking everything in, which turns into some distracted feeding sessions. She keeps developing and growing beautifully. Sometimes I just stare at her in awe, how can someone so little be so incredibly awesome? Love her!

OMA Five Months


She has moved to eating 6 oz per bottle at daycare now, mainly making up for sleeping through the night. Still on a 3-4 hour frequency. On feeding when my milk isn’t right there, she gets frustrated, so it takes a little bit longer. She is also going through a bout of spitting up again. She hardly did for a while, and now we’re back on it. Which could also be related to her moving so much now.

OMA hair

Pumping is still going well. I’ve been managing to keep up with her increase of milk need, but by still getting up in the middle of the night to pump. My goal is to get to the six month mark and reassess my production then. I also started taking fenugreek a couple of week ago to see if it helps with milk production.  

We have also reached another milestone, started oatmeal cereal. We were feeding her around dinner time every few days. She still doesn’t quite get the dynamics of moving food to the back of the throat, but she’s getting there. She does enjoy it though, always trying to grab the spoon and feed herself, or just chew on it. Next month I’ll probably experiment with some pureed food.

Dinner for OMA


Sleep regression is real. We’ve had a few days when she just wouldn’t go to bed. Fighting sleep for an hour or two and then crying the minute we laid her down on the crib. These nights, Ryan and I keep rotating time with her so we can get a breather in between. I’ve only brought her to bed one though, which I think it’s pretty good. There were also some nights when she would wake up screaming after an hour of sleep, no idea why. This past weekend she had a night when she wouldn’t sleep for more than an hour, which was rough. She has some good nights and then some really bad nights. We’ve done the crying-out a couple of times, but it doesn’t seem to work best for us. We’ll keep pushing to get her back on track though! She also likes sleeping on her belly from time to time. With the approval of our pediatrician, we still lay her down on her back, but if she turns over we can let her be.

sleepy OMA

Awake Time

She’s such a happy baby! Quite the statement considering her sleep regimen. She’s a rolling monster and uses her moves to get anywhere she wants to. She’s also sat tripod-style a couple of times now. On her belly, she’s starting to kick off, stick her butt up and raise her chest, but not all at the same time yet. We might have a rocker soon. She’s still loves walks, spending time outside, being held, singing, yelping conversations, being on the jumperoo and smiling really big when daddy gets home.

OMA w daddy

Her passion might be a mix of holding on to anything that’s at arms reach with a death grip and/or putting anything in her mouth. No signs of teething yet, but she does enjoy biting on toys.

Floor Time


I’m feeling pretty good, considering the disrupted sleep I’ve been getting. I might not exercise more than once a week, but I’m super active around the house and don’t really lay down to rest until bed time, with a stolen nap here and there on weekends. I’ve gone running a couple of times now and they feel great. Exercise is magic. We’re still trying to get a routine set up, so some days I feel a little behind on things, while some I’m on top of everything. Our kitchen floor could use a good cleaning, but otherwise, the house isn’t a disaster. Plus no matter what, this girl keeps me in a pretty good mood.

New Bo ladies


We had lots of family time this month with a weekend with the grandparents as well as a visit form Hanna. She also met my roommates from college this month.

titi Hanna OMA

She just got over another small cold. No fever, just a lot of snot.

getting over my cold

She’s loving bath time and she loved her pool experience. We might have a little mermaid in our hands, at least I hope so!

Pool w mom

It’s incredible to be able to help this little lady grow. She definitely brings joy to our lives and our family. She is incredibly loved.

Fam time

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