From Pinterest With Love #1

Don’t know about you, but I have a nice collection of saved projects on Pinterest that I haven’t done yet. I might have done a few, but not all of them. So, I decided to start a new series where I try to make a project I found once a month. Let’s see how it goes…

The first one is for a Chocolate Cake from Nellie Bellie. Seeing as I had all the ingredients and it was my birthday, I decided to go for it. So, last Sunday I got to work.

Chocolate Cake chocolate garnish

Somewhere along my baking experience, I transitioned to making things from scratch. Nothing wrong with boxed baked goods, but I just rather try the old-fashioned way now. Some recipes can go terribly wrong, and some can be great. This one is right in the middle.

Chocolate Cake cocoa

The cake was pretty good and had a subtle chocolate taste. Personally, I would have loved a richer cake with a bit more moisture, so next time I might add  some chocolate chips to the batter. It all depends on your preference. The batter was pretty easy to get perfect and it was quite smooth. Great start to a recipe!

Chocolate Cake wet ingredients

It baked pretty perfectly. no burnt edges and had the perfect rise. The taste just needed to be more chocolate-y for me.

Chocolate Cake bake

As far as the frosting goes, it was way too buttery for me. I like my frosting sweet. Sometimes so sweet that you can’t really eat it all.

Chocolate Cake frosting

This butter based frosting had a good consistency, but the butter taste ended up being too overwhelming. A cream cheese frosting would have been a better option for this cake.

Chocolate Cake frosting cake

I did add some chocolate chips to the top, because more chocolate makes everything better.

Chocolate Cake from Pinterest

Was the cake good? Yes.

Will this become my go-to chocolate cake recipe? No. The quest will go on.

For now, have a good weekend!

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