Getting outside

Well, we really didn’t do much this weekend, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Saturday was quite nice so we spent plenty of time outside, while Sunday turned out kinda stormy and we spent most of the time inside. Olivia still has a bit of congestion, but with no other signs of illness, she was her happy and attention demanding self.

Friday night turned out to be quite pleasant, so we took Olivia’s high chair outside to feed her oatmeal cereal while we enjoyed the fresh air.

Eating outside OMA

Ryan and I had some pork for dinner with steamed green beans straight from our neighbor’s garden. They were delicious.

Friday dinner

We stayed outside hanging out and entertaining our little lady, until her bedtime. She’s been having some issues falling asleep, so the bedtime routine has been taking anywhere from 1-2 hours on and off. Maybe she’s teething? Whatever it is, she is very needy at night.

Friday hangout

Early Saturday morning I went on a two mile run which was a great way to start the day. It coincided with Olivia’s nap time, so I went all by myself, just like old times. Felt pretty good afterwards and I’m looking forward to reaching my end-of-the-year goal of six miles.

Sat run

Then, we headed to the Farmer’s Market to enjoy some time outside and pick up some produce. We got some tomatoes, sweet corn and a strawberry rhubarb pie. All delicious.

Farmer Market CR

After grocery shopping, Olivia and I spent some time outside while Ryan worked on the yard. If she’s in a crabby mood, going outside usually works wonders.

under the tree

When dinnertime came around, we once again hung out outside. This time, Olivia got some sweet potatoes and she loved them. She was quite happy afterwards.

Silly lady

Sunday was a pretty uneventful day. With Olivia’s runny nose, due to teething or a mild cold, she was very sleepy, so I used the opportunity to snuggle with her and let her take naps on me instead of the crib.

nap sundays

Ryan was out golfing for the morning, so it was just Olivia and I hanging out on the floor while she rolled all over the place. She’s getting very good and moving from one end of the blanket to the other.

all smiles

Once Ryan got back, I used the time to wrap up some housework and them relax before starting another work week. My little sister Tania is coming into town Thursday, so it’ll give me something to loom forward to.

Have a good week!

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