Little Sis in Town

Good morning! Hopefully you had a better night’s sleep than I did. Olivia was up quite a bit and not too happy about it. That tooth that she’s working on better come soon! We spent all weekend with my little sister, Tania, who is taking care of my little girl today. We went out and about both Friday and Saturday and stayed home on Sunday to wrap up the weekend.

Friday, we had a simple breakfast, some coffee with a piece of bread from back home. It is delicious and I love that my family indulges me whenever they visit.

Friday breakfast

After getting ready, we hit the stores. We stopped by the outlets to pick up some items for the little lady. And of course, some for us as well. They actually had some great deals going on. Plus, Olivia got a lot of love from Tania.

Kisses for OMA

We had lunch at the Saucy Foccacia at NewBo. It was pretty good, but honestly, I thought it was too hyped up. Yes, the sandwiches were tasty, but nothing out of this world.

Friday lunch

We went back home and just hung out until dinner. I made lasagna and was pretty proud of my broiling outcome. They looked perfect. Made two because I sent one over to our neighbors who have been having some health issues, so thought they could use a little pick me up.

Lasagna perfection

Saturday was another day dedicated to shopping, Target this time, and hanging out in the afternoon. The weekend was so warm that all energy was drained from you by the afternoon. No problem though because hanging out with Olivia is quite fun anyways.

All smiles

Sunday, we went out for breakfast and then came back to enjoy the day. It was perfect for the pool and Olivia loved it! She was jumping around and trying to grab/eat the balloons. She loves the water and I love the fact that she does.

Pool Party OMA

After a quick cat nap, we hung out on the blanket for the rest of the afternoon and had diner outside. Olivia loves spending time on the floor exploring her new skills. She’s currently exploring with planking and rocking. She’ll be an expert by the end of the week.

blanket afternoon

We finished the night with some blackberry cobbler (our neighbor made it for us with berries from her garden) and ice cream.

Blackberry cobbler

Then it was off to bed and waking up a few times in the night to console my little peanut.

Hoping for a good week!

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