Family Reunion

Good morning! You know what’s exciting? Sunday night wasn’t a disaster with Olivia. Even though we travelled to Ryan’s hometown this weekend and Olivia’s sleeping schedule was a little off, I managed to keep the feeding/sleeping schedule pretty true to her usual and she slept through the night last night. First Sunday in a long long time she’s done that!

Ryan’s family was having their annual reunion on Saturday, so even though Ryan and I were pretty tired, we got on the rad Friday night about thirty minutes before Olivia’s sleep time. So, she slept the whole three hour drive there, but unfortunately decided that it was party time when we got there. She was wide awake! Even after feeding her, she thought it was morning. So, it took a lot of swaying and dancing to get her back to sleep and even then she woke up often. As you can guess, we didn’t get much sleep Friday night.


Saturday morning, Olivia’s great grandpa came for a visit while we got ready for the reunion.

Great Grandpa and OMA

I was also able to sneak in some time to go see my bestie and her kids. It’s always good to get in touch with friends.

Friends and babies

Once reunion time came around, we all met at the city’s park and hung out for the afternoon.

Blanket Time

Olivia got to spend some time with puppies! Makes me miss having a dog so much, but I know that day will come sometime again.

Puppy time

It was a gorgeous day and turned out to be a pretty mellow reunion, but still great. All the aunts and uncles were there, but we were missing a few cousins mainly due to wedding season.

Ayers Family

We made the drive back early Saturday evening, which was during Olivia’s awake time. She did nap a little bit, but hen she wanted attention. So, I rode most of the way in the back to keep her company. Even though we were about an hour behind sleeping schedule, she went down for the night pretty ok.

Back seat driver

Sunday was mostly spent home, working on house stuff and meal prepping. Just relaxing and entertaining Olivia. It’s what we do best, and playing with Snapchat.


We also gave Olivia peas for the first time. Sometimes she smiled, sometimes she looked at us in disgust. Nonetheless, she’d definitely not sure about them. We’ll keep trying though!

Peas OMA

Hoping for a great week ahead and good start to August!

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