Staying Home

It may sound boring to a lot of people, but I love love weekends when we get to stay home, no plans, just going with the flow. There’s no expectations and we get to relax. It feels great if we get some things done around the house, but it’s not a big deal if we don’t. Yep, I love these weekends.

Friday, we decided to just hang out at the house and watch the opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics. It was more of an on and off watching experience because we still had a baby to take care of, which included feeding her. We tried pears Friday night and she did pretty good. She’s becoming a champ at this whole eating thing.

Feeding OMA

Then, we just had a beer while watching the games and waiting for Olivia’s bedtime.


Saturday morning was spent on the floor most of the time. Olivia is really trying to crawl and she’s so close. She rolls, scoots and leaps all over the place. Can’t leave her out of our sight anymore.

Floor hangout

After I got done cleaning the house, I was able to convince Ryan to go on a run with me. Thankfully the weather cooperated because if it was more than 75, he probably would’ve stayed home. Olivia, like usual, just napped during our whole 2.3 mile run.

After our run

All showered up and ready for the day.

The ladies

It was so nice out, that we decided to hit Buffalo Wild Wings to share a beer and some apps.


We wrapped up the night with some more Olympics and a movie. Well, sort of, because I fell asleep halfway through it…

Sunday, Olivia and I visited Target early to get some groceries, donuts and a few baby items we needed. She was super happy the whole time, which was great because I’m pretty sure she started this whole teething thing and gets fuzzy out of nowhere all the time. Poor thing.

Target buddy

During one of her naps, I used the time to get some yoga in. I’m doing a challenge on Instagram with a different pose every day. Even if I don’t work on a whole routine, at least I get to do a pose a day.

Yoga challenge

This picture of Olivia perfectly sums up the rest of the night. We watched some more Olympics, worked on a puzzle and rested o get ready for the week ahead.

How we feel

My little munchkin is turning 6 months on Thursday, what?!?!?!

Hope you have a great week!

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