Meet Tucker

Hi! If you hung out with a puppy this weekend, then you had as much fun as I did! Friday afternoon Ryan picked up his dad’s birthday present, a gorgeous chocolate lab. He’s just 9 weeks old and soooo cute. Olivia got to spend some time with the puppy. We gave his the surprise Friday night when they got into town. He was super in love with him and I think it’s the first time in a while that Olivia wasn’t the center of attention. She was fine with it though, it was her bedtime.

OMA and Tucker

Saturday morning we hit up the farmer’s market with the family. Tucker, the puppy, got a lot of attention. He’s just too cute! It was kinda overcast which was good because we were able to keep the canopy open and entertain Olivia while we walked around.

At the market

With the plenty of stops for puppy petting, Ryan and I stole a second for a quick selfie. Love!

Farmers Market duo

Once back, I went to the trail to get a quick run in during Olivia’s nap time. The temperature was in the 70s, so I really had no excuse. Three more miles done. Hope to increase them next weekend…

After my run

We hung out outside for most of the afternoon since the day was so gorgeous.

My Saturday

Plus, more puppy cuddles! Like any other puppy, he goes from completely passed out tired to destroying everything in site in a matter of seconds. Main reason Ryan and I are not getting a puppy just yet. I’m going to need all my time to run after Olivia once she starts really crawling all over the place.

Tucker sleepy

Talking about crawling, she’s doing pretty good. She’s an expert at the belly flop crawl now.

OMA cloesup

After dinner and once Olivia went to bed, Ryan and I snuck out for a date night. We went to a new restaurant, Pig & Porter, for a few drinks. It had a pretty cool atmosphere and everyone was super nice. We’ll definitely come back for dinner some time.

Pig & Porter Date Night

The conversation was flowing, so we decided to stay for an after dinner or two… Felt good to spend some time just the two of us without being interrupted or having any to-dos to take care of at the house.


Sunday, we pretty much hung out on the floor with Olivia almost all day long. Took some naps and scrambled for food since I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while. Need to do that today!

Lounging around

Some of our fun included placing Olivia on one end of the blanket, while we tried to build  a 10-block tower before she got to it and knocked it over. It was pretty entertaining for everybody. She had a determined look on her face whenever she started in the direction of the tower. Super cute.


Hope this week goes by fast! I’m already ready for the weekend and spending more time with this little lady.

Have a good day!


  1. mI HERMOSA Olivia, bESOS tATA

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