Bubble Painted Picture Frame

Happy Friday! It’s always exciting when the weekend comes around, specially when it’s one without any plans. I can spend all the time I want hanging out with my little family. I’m also going to try to work on some projects. Slowly, I’ve been trying to tackle some of the projects I have on my cue. I barely have any time during the weekdays and on the weekends I just want to relax, so working on projects has taken a backseat, but I gotta get the ball rolling again.

This week, I worked on a piece of décor for Olivia’s room. My sister, Hanna, had gotten Olivia a print and I just got around to finishing the frame for it. Horrible I know. It’s one of a three piece group I want to place on the wall above her changing table. So, one of three done! It was actually quite simple and pretty relaxing to do. I find that working with patterns and repetition can become quite therapeutic.

But I digress. For this project all I used was a raw wood frame(similar here), acrylics and brushes, ModPodge matte finish and the print. That’s it!

Bubble Frame frame

First, I played around with colors and patterns and ended up with the one below. It’s roughly based on mandalas made with dots. I like that I could do it freehand and without needing to be super perfect.

Bubble Frame design

First, I randomly made yellow circles around the frame with a small tip brush. No real strategy to this. I just placed some dots in the middle of the frame, some closer to the edges, just randomly spaced out.

Bubble Frame yellow dots

For the next layer, the dots are smaller, so I use the back end of a brush. To get the dots placed properly, first do two across from each other, then halfway making a cross and finally in between these. This way, the dots will be evenly spaced out.

Bubble Frame purple dot

Work this way on all the yellow dots.

Bubble Frame purple dots

For the next layer, and each consecutive layer. I kept using the back end of a brush for the dots. It just made it easier to get a better circle than with the brush tip.

Bubble Frame violet dot

This next dots are placed in between the dots from the previous layer and drawn a bit bigger.

Bubble Frame violet dots

To avoid smudging paint, I worked counterclockwise around the frame, since I’m a righty.

Bubble Frame pink dots

The final layer of the concentric dots was orange. So, the main design used colors in tones of reds and purples.

Bubble Frame orange dots

For the contrast layers, I used blue and green. First the green. Again, I used the tip of a brush for these circles and laid them out between the pink ones.

Bubble Frame green dots

It still felt like it needed a bit more, so I added another circles of dots around the inside. This time, I used a toothpick.

Bubble Frame mini green dots

The frame was now starting to take shape.

Bubble Frame dots

For the turquoise dots, I first painted two side by side between the orange dots and then one on top and bottom of these.

Bubble Frame  blue dots

Then it was time to dry. I love how it turned out!

Bubble Frame

To seal it, I used some ModPodge matte finish. I wanted it to be sealed but to keep the raw look of the wood.

Bubble Frame  ModPodge matte

Once completely dry, reassemble the frame with the print inside and done.

Bubbles Painted Frame

Now I just need to finish the other two projects so I can display them in her room… Hopefully soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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