Happy Baby

Hi! Ryan and I were quite the homebodies this weekend. We hardly went out and only did so to run errands, which is fine by me. One thing I did do this weekend was be horrible at taking pictures. I hardly had my phone on me, so sorry for that. Nonetheless, here’s what we did.

OMA selfie

Saturday morning, Olivia woke up bright and early so after her feeding, I handed her off to Ryan and went to the grocery store. It’s really the best time to go since there’s hardly a soul there. Back at the house, we divided our time between meal prep and hanging out with Olivia.

Daddy and OMA playtime

She was actually pretty good for the whole day, eating and taking naps on schedule. Then the night hit. Apparently, she has a bit of constipation going on and just couldn’t get comfortable. She went to bed about an hour past her bedtime and then woke up thirty minutes later and was wide awake. I don’t quite remember the time, but she wasn’t in bed until like 10 or 11.

No resting for OMA

Of course, the time she went to bed didn’t affect her early wake up time. Like they say “the later they go to bed, the earlier they wake up”. Nonetheless, she was in a pretty good mood for the whole day. That’s one thing with this kid, she hardly shows when she’s not doing too good. Just a happy baby all the time. Once again, I dropped her off with Ryan and went to get donuts for breakfast, because we deserved it.

Donutlan donuts

Once again, the day was spent hanging out with Olivia with breaks here and there to get some things done around the house and pretend we had a productive weekend.

I woke up this cute

I spent some time weeding the garden, pruning some plants and picking tomatoes. We definitely have more than we use, so I’ll plan better next year. This garden has pretty much been exactly what I wanted, a test to plan better for next year.

Garden tomatoes

It was so hot out that that day definitely called for pool time. So, we spent some time outside refreshing in the water. Olivia loves the pool (sorry no pics this time) and I love that she enjoys it so much. Once we were back inside for about two hours, the tornado sirens went off. Outside the sky was blue and the day was pretty uneventful, so it took us by surprise. Nonetheless, we went downstairs and found out that it was for a section of the county about 40 minutes away from us, so we were on the clear. We spent some time in the cool basement just hanging out, until dinner and bedtime.

silly OMA and mommy

Once again, it wasn’t easy to get her to go to bed, but we eventually managed to get her down on her crib. Hopefully, some prunes help her out. I really want to stay away from my other options…

Here’s to a good week!

PS. Family, I didn’t do any cleaning this weekend, so you’re coming to a fairly disorganized house. Just a friendly warning… Smile

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