Labor Day Weekend

Hello hello! How has your week been? Sorry for the absence, but with the long weekend and having family over, I am just getting caught up with work and some of my to dos. Oh well. Even though this weekend didn’t start on a great note, I had a case of food poisoning on Friday, having my family over quickly turned it around. Olivia was mostly in a great mood and we got to enjoy the beautiful weather. Not a sign of rain in the horizon.

As mentioned before, Ryan took over most of the parenting on Friday, since I was out for the count. Olivia doesn’t stop though, so I took care of her when I could and napped whenever I got a chance. Thankfully, I was feeling a whole lot better by Friday night.


College football started this weekend, so Olivia wore her team bibs during her meal times. Next weekend, when ISU plays Iowa, she’ll only be wearing cardinal and gold. #cyclONEnation

House Divided

My parents and sister got into town in the afternoon and after a lunch at BWW, we hung out at the house and they got their necessary time with Olivia. I’ve been moved to second fiddle now. It’s ok though, I still got my hugs here and there haha. It’s safe to say that we were all pretty beat up by the end of the night, so we welcomed bedtime to get ready for an early day on Sunday.


We made it to breakfast, back at the Breakfast House of course. Once again, it was delicious!


Then we headed to the house to relax for a bit before heading out again. Sometimes, hanging out means trying all the Snapchat filters available. Olivia is currently in love with the deer and it’s squeaky voice.


Ryan went fishing in the morning and then got back to take a nap, so the fam and I headed to the NewBo Art Fest. It was pretty small and we walked it in no time, so we grabbed some beers and enjoyed some conversation.  Although not pictured, Olivia joined us for the fun, she was taking a nap during beer time.

NewBo Arts Fest

Back at the house, the weather was gorgeous, so we laid the blanket out and enjoyed the afternoon.


Olivia definitely got a lot of attention.


Funny thing, Olivia is not too sure about grass. anytime she crawled off the blanket, she would sit up confused and turn around. I even tried to convince her to crawl to me and it took a long time for her to even put her hand on it. Before I know it, she’ll be rolling around on it.


We had dinner outside as well. Some rice mom made and skewers Karla made. Everything delicious!


For Labor Day, we went out to Allen’s Orchard for the morning. We picked some apples and pears. Olivia got to enjoy some apple as well.


We had some first timers in the group Smile

Allens Orchard picking apples

It was another gorgeous, breezy and cloudless day.


So, we plopped down on a bench and enjoyed some apple cider donuts with apple cider. Olivia also enjoyed some apple sauce, which I brought for her for lunch.


We then had some lunch out and back to the house for the rest of the day.


They all left on Monday and now things are back to normal. It was great having them over and seeing Olivia get to interact and bond with my family once more.

Hey, were halfway through the week!

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