Fabric Covered Box

A lot of the things I ne dup making are out of a combination of necessity to make my life easier and my lack of motivation to go buy it. some people might think that it’s a lot easier to just head to the store and buy what you need, but I rather make it myself if I can. That is the case with this fabric covered box. I needed a small container to place Q-tips for easy access in a drawer. Instead of heading to the store, I made one myself! It’s easy to make it to any size you want and you can decorate it to your liking.

Fabric Covered Box DIY

Materials needed:

First, you need to set up your template. Cotton swabs are about 3” long, so I wanted the bottom of the box to be 3.5”x3” and 1.5” high. With a ruler and a pencil, I made my layout. In the picture below, you can see the end result and the dimensions. The black lines are my cut lines and the red lines are my fold lines.

Fabric Covered Box template

First cut the box shape out following the black guides with an Xacto knife.

Fabric Covered Box box shape

On the red lines, just cut halfway through the cardboard and fold away from the cut.

Fabric Covered Box fold lines

Fold and use some tape to keep the shape while adhering the fabric.

Fabric Covered Box tape

For the following steps, keep you ModPodge and applicator at hand.

Fabric Covered Box Fabric ModPodge

Center and adhere your box to the fabric with a dab of ModPodge.

Fabric Covered Box adhere

Cut slits in the fabric from each corner of the box in opposite sides.

Fabric Covered Box cut slits

Fold over and adhere. Do the same on both sides.

Fabric Covered Box first sides

Next fold up one of the other sides, cut a slit from the corner of the box out. Once you adhere, you’ll have to extra flaps of fabric on each side. Do the same on the other side.

Fabric Covered Box second sides

To finish, fold one of the flaps over forming a triangle and covering the exposed corner. Glue in place.

Fabric Covered Box first triangle fold

Cut off excess fabric on the top and side.

Fabric Covered Box cut excess

Fold over the second side making the triangle fold over the opposite corner. Glue in place.

Fabric Covered Box second triangle fold

Fold over the fabric and mark where it touches the sides and bottom of the box on the inside. Cut along these lines.

Fabric Covered Box final cut

Glue in place and your done. You can also go back and add some more sealer over any cuts of fabrics that might be a bit fringed.

Fabric Covered Box final glue

Let the box dry completely, and done!

Fabric Covered Box

Fill with whatever you desire.

Fabric Covered Box for storage

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Fabric Covered Box detail

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