Titita in Town

First up, sorry for the lack of pictures; sometimes I just don’t have my phone with me all the time.

This weekend my little sister was in town and it was another good one. We didn’t do anything crazy, but spent our time hanging out, playing with Olivia and taking turns calming that baby down. Recently, she’s been having some sleep issues where she just can’t get comfortable and she either wake sup after an hour of sleeping or she just can’t fall asleep at all. Tania actually came to the rescue on Saturday night when I was soooo exhausted from driving and she was able to get her to calm down and go to bed. Vey much appreciated!

Titita in town

Friday, Tania took care of Olivia at home, so I got sooo many snaps and pics throughout the day. This is probably the best part of having a family member take care of her while I’m at work. After work, Ryan headed to Des Moines to visit some friends, so we decided to go out for dinner. Something low key since I didn’t want to cut into Olivia’s sleep time.

at Panera

So, off to Panera Bread we went. Their autumn soup is back and it’s amazing. I was so happy! Trust me, it’s way better than all the hype the PSL gets.


Saturday, we headed to DSM to meet up with the friends and have some dinner. It was a pretty nice day out, so the drive wasn’t bad at all. Plus, I had Tania to take care of Olivia if crisis ensued.

Titita and OMA

We hung out for a while, Olivia played with some more puppies (which she absolutely loved), watched some football and ate an amazing dinner.

Bags in DSM

Olivia also got to meet our friends from college and she was a hit. We then drove back home, Tania taking care of a fuzzy baby for a bit, and we pretty much called it a night when we got back.

Precious OMA

Sunday, we drove Titita early to the airport and Olivia and I had a whole morning all to ourselves. She was having a very off day, being super uncomfortable, complaining about everything and just not in a happy mood, which hardly ever happens. I actually don’t remember another time when I didn’t see her smile for half a day.

Sunday morning

Once Ryan got home, we found out she was also playing me because she would complain, I would pick her up, then she would look at Ryan and smile. At least I knew there was a smile somewhere in there, that little stinker. The rest of the day went pretty much the same way.

Cowboy up

Before we knew it, it was Monday once again.

Here’s to a good week!

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