Favorite Items of the Month #6

Well, September came and went and now it’s time for another recap of my favorite items from the month. It’s always fun to share these and they kinda become a recap of what I’ve done, or have not done, this month. Once again, feel free to share your faves in the comments!

Ninja Master Prep

When Tania was in town, she taught me one of the most amazing kitchen tricks I’ve heard in a while. Apparently, you can shred cauliflower in a blender to make cauliflower rice in a cinch. I don’t own a food processor, my Ninja blender worked wonders with this trick. Seriously, life changed. I see more cauli-rice in my future. It definitely beats grating it my hand, plus no mess! The Ninja also works great to make smoothies and as a regular old blender, way better than the standard one-blade-in-the-bottom ones.

Ninja Smoothie Maker

Magic Bullet

Another kitchen gadget that has taken over in my house. Since I’ve been making Olivia’s baby food at home, the Magic Bullet has been used almost daily at the house. After the first initial big batches of food were done, we now make a new batch to freeze and keep stocked every other day. Right now, we’re working on apples and pears since they’re in season. The Magic Bullet purees the food to the right texture and consistency, plus it’s a cinch to clean. Perfect for small batches.

Magic Bullet


I kind of just stumbled upon Hollar by mistake. It’s a site that has a changing inventory at low prices. I browsed around and thought that some prices seemed too low and read some mixed reviews. Some people seemed to love it, while other had issues with late shipping or out of stock items. since I saw some items I was interested in plus some others for gifts, I decided to give it a try. I placed my order on a Tuesday and received my items in one week exactly. So far so good.


I bought 9 items for $25, which is a great deal in my opinion. I got some coloring books for future travels, a water play mat for next summer (for a buck!!!), plus some other toys. I got everything in perfect condition and at a great price. They have everything from party supplies, to toys, to clothes. It’s definitely a site I’ll keep browsing in the future, plus it has some great kids’ gifts at low prices. In my opinion, Hollar is worth a try!

Hollar goodies

Fisher-Price Poppity Pop Hippo

You can spot it in the picture above, but as soon as I saw this on Hollar, I knew I had to get it. Olivia like to grab a book, put one hand on it and crawl while pushing said book across the floor. So, I thought this little toy could be a great addition to her toy collection. She loved it! She pushes it back and forth and marvels at the noise the balls rattling around make. She has also tried to use it as support while crawling, but she still doesn’t have the ab strength to keep it nearby and she just flops on her belly haha. Still, this Hippo will provide hours of fun for her in the future.

Fisher Price Poppity Pop Hippo

Ello Cole Travel Mug

I just got this mug on clearance from Target and love it! I usually drink my coffee on the way to work and it keeps it nice and hot for me through the whole ride. The only plastic in it is the lid, which is fine. It’s stainless steel, so I can’t warm the milk in it, but that’s no issue for me. It’s a bit on the heavy side too, so I know it will last. I haven’t tried it’s spill-proof claims, but the reviews on Amazon seem pretty promising. Will definitely be on the lookout for more… PS Mom, please ignore my nails, blame it on the lack of time. Thanks!

Ello Travel Mug

This weekend, Ryan and I have no plans, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some crafts I’ve been working on and get a quick run in. Hope it’s a good one!

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