Cowboy up!

Well, this Monday has flown by. Sorry this recap of the weekend is a bit late, oops! This weekend was actually super low key. We were pretty much hermits the whole time, but got a lot done in the house, which feels great. With the holiday season coming up, I’ll take as many of these weekends as I can get!

When Friday was finally over, it was time to hang out with my little princess. I wore a chewing necklace for Olivia to play with while I picked up around the house. After some playtime, bedtime was around the corner before we knew it. Technically for all of us. Ryan and I were so beat, that we went to bed not too long after Olivia. I was alright with that.

Necklace play

Saturday morning, Ryan left to go fishing, so Olivia and I got to spend the morning together. Olivia in the mornings is the best, and if she’s in a great mood it’s even better. That was this Saturday. She was super awake, playful and smiley the whole morning. Might also be because I started feeding her baby food in the morning, so she’s eating three times a day now. She’s so big!

All cheese

We also snuck out of the house for a bit to get some groceries. I just carried her on my Ergo and she had a blast.

Grocery store break

Once Ryan got back, I wrapped up doing some laundry and housework and we just hung out with Olivia for the rest of the night. We also had all the intentions of staying up to watch the SNL premiere, but that did not happen and we ended up falling asleep on the couch.

Play time

Sunday had another great start to the day. Once Olivia went down for her first nap, I used the opportunity to do a yoga routine. Fifty minutes and I was feeling it! Then, Ryan and I tackled a bunch of food prep before the Cowboys game.

smitten for Witten

Olivia and I wore our jerseys and she definitely looked the cutest. Thankfully they won so we’ll still be able to wear them for the rest of the season.

Cowboys Game Day

Even though we stayed in for pretty much the whole weekend, we had a great time and it was quite productive. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

Here’s to a good week!

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