On Olivia’s Schedule

Well, this weekend was all over the place. Olivia had her ups and downs and you’ll be able to tell which day of the week was better because if the amount of pictures ha! She was as happy as a clam on Saturday and taking her naps and eating right on schedule. Sunday, she decided to throw it all out the window. Plans were broken and the day was spent taking care of a very needy eight month old.

Friday, it was time for silly. She’s a mover and found an empty box, so Ryan proceeded to sit her in it and ride her around the house. She had a blast.

OMA in a box

Saturday, I woke up early and my little dreamer was still sleeping. I used the opportunity to make myself some hot coffee and sit down with my breakfast and read a magazine from September (that’s how far behind I am). I can’t remember the last time I was able to do this and it was quite relaxing. She actually slept a full eight hours from Friday to Saturday.

Saturday quiet time

She was happy as can be the whole day. We went grocery shopping and stopped by Target. She was wide awake, so I sat her on the shopping cart and she absolutely loved it. I got her ready in the parking lot and as soon as I sat her in the cart she started looking around marveled at her 360 view. It was quite hilarious to see how excited she got.

Big Girl at Target

Back home, we spent the day playing and following her around wherever she went.

OMA raspberries

She also helped me fold a load of laundry. By ‘fold’ I mean she crawled over the laundry sac like a mountain goat. At least she left my already-folded piles alone.

Laundry OMA

Once Ryan got back from fishing, I took a little time to get some cooking going and relaxed for 5 minutes in the kitchen. She really wears me out sometimes.

5 Min Relax

Then, we headed over to Dairy Queen for some ice-cream. It was her first experience and after the shock of how cold it was, she loved it. Like mother like daughter.

Ice Cream OMA

This is how she rides in her stroller now. One leg up, always.

Leg Up OMA

Sunday, was a different story. She was fuzzy all day long and wanted to be held all the time. Fortunately, I was able to get away for a bit to get some dinner done and some extra to freeze and eat later.

Chicken Pot Pie overload

Monday morning, she was back to her happy ol’ self.

Happy Monday

Here’s to a good week with this little girl that keeps us on our toes!

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