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Hey! I finally got a project done! Can you believe it? It only took me about a month since I started it, but it’s done. If I had a free hour, it would’ve been done in that time, but life happens and taking care of a baby, a husband and a house is priority number one around here. Anyways, here’s a cute project I found on Pinterest from Coral and Co. It’s a knot bow headband and Olivia is going to love it!

Knot Bow Headband

The materials are pretty simple, some knit fabric, the pattern she provided on the site, a sewing machine, needles, scissors, and, in my case, some Easy Knit Interfacing. I say in my case because this knit stretched two ways and the interfacing helped give it shape and keep it from rolling.

Knot Bow Headband materials

With that said, the first thing I needed to do was to fuse the Easy Knit to my fabric. It is applies on the backside with a hot iron. The interfacing stretches in one direction, so you want to make sure you align this stretch with the fabric’s stretch in the same direction. It also has a shiny/sticky side that goes against the fabric.

Knot Bow Headband easy knit

Section by section, press a hot iron with steam on the fabric with a damp press cloth in between. The purpose of the cloth is to keep your iron clean and away from any glue and to provide the moisture and heat that will activate the adhesive. Lift and press, lift and press, until it’s all fused together.

Knot Bow Headband  iron

Fold the fabric in half and lay the pattern down. Pin in place before cutting.

Knot Bow Headband pattern

Cut two pieces for each pattern. I made two headbands, so I had 4 pieces cut out.

Knot Bow Headband  cut pieces

Pin the two pieces together with right sides facing each other.

Knot Bow Headband pin

I have a very basic sewing machine without any special needles or specialty “feet”. I don’t have a walking foot or a double needle. So, I went with a zigzag stitch and it worked perfectly. I also used regular thread and have had no problems so far. Sew along all sides leaving a 1-2” gap.

Knot Bow Headband zigzag stitch

Turn inside out and sew the opening shut.

Knot Bow Headband close

Tie a knot at the end and done!

Knot Bow Headbands

Display on your baby and enjoy the cuteness!

playtime headband

Seriously, I love it! and her face in this pic…

Knot Bow Headband  OMA

Have a good weekend!

headband OMA

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