Pumpkins and Fall Days

Hola! Hopefully you got to enjoy this weekend. The weather here was gorgeous and it was nice spending some time outside this weekend. I did some planting on Saturday, we visited a pumpkin farm and then just hung out on Sunday. Overall, it was a pretty nice weekend.

Pumpkin Weekend

It was pretty chilly Saturday, so before we headed out to the pumpkin patch, I did some planting. I spent about two hours working around the shed in the backyard plantings some bulbs. It’s all ready to go, so now it’s a waiting game until spring to see if my hard work pays off.


We made it to Bart’s Family Farm in the early afternoon. It was sunny and wonderful. It was also quite the busy place. They have a pumpkin patch, pick your own pumpkins or pre-sorted, corn maze, pony rides and tractor ride among other things. It’s a fairly small place, perfect for out little family of three since Olivia can’t run around just yet.

Barts Farm

We went on the corn maze, just for fun and I just kept imagining Olivia running through it when she’s older. I also kept thinking of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but we can keep that a secret.

Barts Corn Maze

The corn maze leads you to their pumpkin patch, so we walked around for a bit.

Walking amongst pumpkins

We also tried sitting Olivia on one, but she didn’t love that.


So, we just picked a tiny one and it was much better.

OMA and baby pumpkin

We made our way back over to the pre-picked pumpkins to take the classic baby with the pumpkins pic. Here, she had a blast and was infatuated by the stem’s texture.

OMA pumpkins

We walked around for a bit and watched the ponies before heading home.

Walk walk walk

On the way back, we stopped at the orchard to get some apple cider donuts and had BBQ for dinner. Then, we just hung out and tried out some Halloween Snapchat filters because it’s what we do to spend the time.

Snapchat halloween

Sunday it was all about Olivia and I. Ryan went fishing, so it was girls’ day over here.

out on Sunday

After running some errands in the morning, the rest of the day was spent playing and taking care of this little girl.

play play play

Let me tell you, it was exhausting.

yawn OMA

But we also had a ton of fun.

silly time

She actually developed a little bit of a rash, not sure from what and she’s all good now, but her spirits were still the same. Olivia was her usual happy self. She’s in the middle of getting up in this pic, notice the weird foot in the bottom…

make some music

Spending a whole day with her kinda makes you forget how tiny she truly is, until she crawls away really fast and you see her standing up at a distance. She might think she’s a lot older than she is, but Olivia is still a tiny baby who needs ALL the attention. I willingly give it to her though. She makes me just as happy.

little small

Overall, nice weekend. Hoping for a good week ahead!

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