Pink Converse

Hey! A little late, but I’m still here! Olivia has a pretty bad cough so I stayed in yesterday and took her to the doctor. All good! Just a cold, so we’ll keep monitoring her. In the meantime, I’ll just cuddle her so she can sleep ok.

This past weekend we really didn’t do much. Ryan’s dad came over Friday night and the two of them spent the day fishing. Olivia and I stayed home and we had quite the day. It all started alright with Olivia in a silly mood.

Morning OMA

Then everything changes. She was super needy and could not be left alone whatsoever. Granted, I didn’t get much done and had a pretty tough day. After lunchtime, her mood finally changed. So, I strapped on her pink converse (thanks abuelo!) and we went out for a quick grocery trip.

Converse cool

Olivia is getting so big! She is starting to stand without much help and can’t be held up without her trying to start walking. Love her!

Take a Step

Once she was out for the night, Ryan and I shared a beer while watching some TV.

Boulevard Love Child

Sunday turned out to be muuuucchhh better. She was coughing all day, but her mood was super playful.

Basement playtime

We spent the day entertaining her and just goofing around. While Ryan mowed the lawn and took care of the leaves, Olivia and I went on a quick walk to pick something up from the store.

Errands walk

By nigh time, the party became a fort and Olivia was having the time of her life. That night though, she couldn’t stop coughing. So, I snuggled with her in bed and that seemed to help her a bit. Anything for my little baby.

Dads will build forts

The night was so bad, that I decided to stay home with her on Monday and see if I could get her in to the doctor. Turned out, she just has a bad cold. No fever or signs of infection, which is great! Since I was out and about, I went ahead and Rocked the Vote. Olivia did great during the thirty minute line. Plus, she joined me in a decision that could shape her future, which is pretty cool.

Eating and voting

In the afternoon, we went on a walk. It really made me miss my maternity leave days when I went on walks with her when she was just a tiny little thing. Which I could stay with her more often…

Walk Monday

But, it’s a short week, so I have that going! Go vote today!

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