Olivia’s Nine Month Update

And just like that, Olivia is nine months old. This month her personality is beginning to fine tune itself and shine through. She actually felt ‘”big” the other day when I was holding her. My little girl is growing and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. It’s kinda of bittersweet knowing that from this point on, she has been sharing her smile with us just as long as it took my belly to grow. *tear*

OMA Nine Months


This girl loves to eat. It definitely puts a smile on her face. When she’s hungry, she will still rather nurse. She does love sitting on her chair and enjoying her meals though. We’re still giving her pureed food, but have experimented a bit with solids. Plus, we’re also working on her spoon and self-feeding skills. There still some work to do in that department.

Thats not how spoons work

She will also try anything we give her. If she sees that we’re eating something, she’ll crawl over to us and demand that we share it with her as well, stealing a spoonful of ice-cream here and there. She still hasn’t tried anything that she doesn’t like, which I love. One god thing about feeding her homemade baby food is that it exposes her to all kinds of tastes and textures. Every spoonful is different.

Happy Eating

Still pumping at work and once at night. Not much difference in milk output. It’s still dictated by the little miss.


We’ve had some good nights (she slept through the whole night a few times this month!!) and we’ve had some not so great nights (coming to bed with me from the start). She knows her bedtime routine and sometimes she’ll willingly go to bed, other times she’ll decide it’s playtime. For the most part, I can’t complain though. She’s pretty good.

In bed w mama

Naps are also about half and half. She takes her naps during the day, but sometimes there’s no way we can lay her down in the crib. The sixth sense on this one is strong.


Awake Time

Olivia is one active little lady. She’s now experimenting with balancing herself, letting go and moving her hands before falling down. She’s started to cruise along furniture as well. Mostly, when she walks while holding on to our hands, we feel less and less weight. She is determined to walk and she loves it when she masters the balance. Her face lights up, then she gets surprised at her ability and falls down. Super cute.

On the move

She’s also getting into music and dancing. She loves her piano tables and is just starting to jive to the beat.

Music table

Taking all her toys and books out of the shelves is her favorite thing in the world, as well as putting anything and everything in her mouth.

Toy disaster

She loves hands-on playtime where we get down to her level and she can crawl all over us.

Wheres dada

If she’s awake, you can bet she’s not staying put in one place. She’s a mover!

Wheres OMA


Loves to spend time outside and we go out on walks whenever we can.

Mama hugs

A new thing this month is being able to sit in the seat of shopping carts. She becomes a total goof and talks the whole time, looking at everything around her.

On a cart

She loves the phone and the camera, no doubt about it!

Nine Month Photo Outtakes

She saves her best smiles for dada.

Hey dada

We love her , there’s no doubt about it. Super lucky to have her in our lives and be her parents. Smiles all around!

smiles OMA

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