Giving Thanks

Good morning! Ready for the short week? I am! Plus, we’re meeting up with my family for Thanksgiving, which is awesome! Can’t wait to spend time with them, have Olivia see them again, plus have her meet some of her great aunts and uncle, uncles (my sisters’ SO) and aunt and uncle (which are really my cousins, but whatever). It’s going to be fun! First though, we had Thanksgiving dinner with Ryan’s side this weekend.

ryans family

Friday, we went to the doctor for her 9 month checkup and everything is going great. Her motor skills and development are above the acceptable level. Her language skills are just acceptable, which is totally fine too. Plus, when raising them in a bilingual household, some delays are expected. Otherwise, we’re just cruising right along her growth chart.

dr 9 month

We left for Ryan’s hometown early in the morning on Saturday. By early I mean 5am. Why you might ask? Well, Olivia slept for most of the time, so we were able to make the three hour drive without any stops. Once there, we had a visit from Great Grandpa Don and hung out for most of the morning.

four generations

After a quick nap, it was time to have some visitors over. She got to meet a lot of her cousins and she loved watching and playing with the bigger kids. In a few years, it’s going to be madness with all the kids running around. Right now there’s like nine little ones and counting.

cousin playtime

I think total, there were about 45 people there. Yep, that’s a lot of people together in one house. At least, we got to sneak in a picture of the three of us.

this is us

Olivia also got to play with her other great grandpa, Jerry.

great granpa

I tried to get her to take a good afternoon nap, but she just went down for twenty minutes. At least it was something though! There was too much going on for her to calm down. She definitely had a blast.

time w mommy

Later that night, we went over to meet with some friends and Olivia got to hang out with their one-year old girl. Someday, they’ll be besties.

w the bestie

Once night hit, we left our kids with their respective grandparents and we went out to the bar to play game sand hang out. I completely forgot to take a picture of us, maybe next time.

card games at the bar

Sunday morning, we were just at the house for a bit before hitting the road. We also experimented with giving Olivia a whole banana and she did great! Plus, she loved it.

mealtime banana

And of course, she got to play around with Tucker. He’s still a puppy and she’s still a baby, so they can’t be left alone together. Plus, they just try to get each other’s toys which ends up being a mess.

Tucker smiles

The car ride back was  a bit nosier, since it was during her short nap time, so she was kinda upset and we had to stop to let her stretch out a bit.

are we there yet

Once home, we raked out the leaves in our backyard, cleaned up the house and got ready for the week. In the meantime, Olivia was non-stop moving around. Apparently, she didn’t get the memo that we were exhausted. She did end up sleeping through the night, which is good.

right in between

Now, we’re back to the cold and having to bundle up. I’m not quite ready for this yet…

cold mornings

Have a good week!

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