Thanksgiving Weekend 2017

Hey! A bit later than usual, but I can’t let the week go by without a recap of the amazing weekend we just had. We were fortunate enough to be able to spend it with my family, aunts and uncle and cousins and all. We rented a cabin through Airbnb in Utica, Illinois. We spent four days there and had a great time. Many laughs were had, which tend to happen when were all together. My family got to see Olivia again, and she met her great aunts and uncle and second cousins for the first time. Yep, definitely a weekend full of blessings.

The whole gang

We made the drive over early on Thursday morning. Since we were the only ones not flying in, we were in charge of groceries, so our car was packed full. Between that and Olivia’s things, you couldn’t fit one more thing in there. It was a fairly short drive for us, but Olivia still thought it was long enough.

Full car

We did some food prep on Thursday, but spent most of the time hanging out and catching up.

Game night

Friday, we had our Thanksgiving dinner, so more food prep went on in the morning. Some of us hung out, while other went out on walks.

The cooks

Throughout the weekend, Olivia got to spend a lot of time with the boys of the family…

OMA and the boys

… and with the girls…

OMA and the girls

…and, of course, the abuelos.

OMA and abuelos

There were plenty of snack opportunities before dinner was ready.


After dinner, it was time for the main event: Olivia meets the turkey leg.

Turkey Leg

It’s safe to say that after a bit of exploration, she loved it!

OMA Turkey Leg

Saturday, we made our way over to Starved Rock Park and hiked the trails. The day was perfect for it. Even though the trails had their fair share of stairs, the views were pretty amazing.

Starved Rock overlook

Plus, the rock formations and canyons were incredible.


Olivia did great throughout the approx. two hour hike. I did as well! The carrier just made it super easy to walk around and not worry about her at all.

On the trail

Sister pic!

The sisters

Then, we stopped in town to have lunch at Duffy’s Tavern. The appetizer mushrooms were gigantic and amazing. The beer was too.

Duffys Tavern

She loves her dad!

OMA and dad

We got back and after recovering our energies, we had another great game night.

The ladies

Most everybody left super early on Sunday, so we were able to hit the road around 10am. Another long trip back home, but after a very fulfilling weekend.

Bye Bye Sunday

It was so much fun seeing everyone again and spending time together. Plus, it was very special having them all meet Olivia. Other than hating sleeping in her pack’n’play, Olivia did great. She was super social and spent time with every single person there. She made a lot of people happy this weekend.

OMA and mama

Until next time!

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