First Snow of the Season and Olivia’s

Hello hello! I haven’t said this in a while, but I’m actually starting this week feeling quite refreshed. No travelling and no detrimental to-dos are the best thing for a relaxing weekend. I definitely needed this refresh. Even though Ryan was gone for half of the weekend, Olivia and I had a great time. She really was great, for the most part. She’s in a super fun stage right now.

Friday evening, Ryan left for his hometown to go buck hunting with his dad. Obviously, not before a quick play session with Olivia. She saves her biggest laughs for him.

Friday sendoff

Then, Olivia and I just hung out for the rest of the night. Obviously, since I was by myself, she had a horrible time going to bed. I had to resort to the whole cry-it-out method, which I absolutely hate. From the beginning of her final nursing session until she was asleep, two hours had passed. I was exhausted and I felt like a horrible mom for letting her cry. Nonetheless, she was finally sleeping, which she desperately needs since we are all sick over here. Stupid colds!

OMA and mama do yoga

Saturday, she woke up with a smile for me and everything was right in the world once more. We had breakfast and then played for a bit.

OMA day of fun

She eventually wanted to nap, which is usually the short nap of the day, so I just stayed with her because cuddles are the best. It turned out to be an hour long nap! It’s OK though. Once again she woke up happy and ready to go!

Nap time

So, on we went to run a couple errands which included a Target run. She was fine in the cart for a while, until she decided that I was too boring and turned around to look out at the world. She eventually ended up standing on the seat looking out and smiling at everybody. Shopping became a bit more difficult after that since I had one hand on the cart and another grasping on to Olivia’s pants/diaper/onesie. We called it quits not too long after.

Target run

After lunch and another nap, it was craft time! I’ve been meaning to get messy with her and play with paint, but I just hadn’t until now. It was exactly what I expected, a complete mess, but a whole lot of fun. She might or might not have ended up with a green tongue. Good thing it was bath day!

Arts and crafts w baby

Later on, we played for the rest of the night and she went to bed without a pinch. Ryan arrived later that night. He decided to come early to avoid travelling in the snow we were getting overnight. Between you and me, I think he just missed Olivia too much because who wouldn’t?!?

Them thighs

We woke up to a nice white blanket of snow. If you notice in the pic, Olivia’s hair woke up kind of unruly. It was still like that at the end of the day haha.

White morning

We also broke out the Christmas books and did some reading. Sometimes she’ll sit through the whole book, sometimes she’ll last a sentence, but she is showing more interest in them, which I love. This one was still on the too-long-for-my-attention-span list.

Christmas reading

We later bundled her up and went outside so she could experience snow for a bit. She doesn’t have any actual snow gear yet, but she will once she starts officially walking. No point to it just yet.

Snowman in the making

Ryan built her a snowman and she was super into it.

What is he doing

After this shot was taken, she ended up wanting to taste the snowman. We are definitely still in the everything-goes-in-my-mouth stage.

before the lick

She actually didn’t mind the snow at all and even crawled a bit.

OMA in the snow

Once back inside, we warmed up and played some more until bed time. It was a good weekend.

Here’s to a good week ahead!

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