Snowed In

Late post! Monday turned out to be a lot busier than I expected…

This weekend we got some snow, so I welcomed being in the house with open arms. It was cold and I don’t mind taking a break from running around, even though I still ran some errands Saturday morning.

Friday night, Ryan and I headed to Flowerama to pick up our Christmas tree. They usually have a pretty good selection and they’re super close to our house, so it’s a win win.

tree shopping

Once back home, I fed Olivia while Ryan put the lights on the tree.

OMA and dad

She helped to test them out as well, sometimes by putting a bulb in her mouth… gotta pay attention with this little one.

light testing

Once it was all done and in the corner, she got to check it out and touch the tree and lights. she was pretty bored after a minute or so. Whatever.

tree is up

Nonetheless, our tree is finally up!

we have a star

The rest of the weekend was spent decorating the tree, facetiming the grandparents, taking ornaments off the tree, scooping snow, grocery shopping, gift shopping and just hanging out.

look at this ornament

Of course, with a healthy dose of Snapchat on the side.

snap reindeer

Plus, she turned 10 months old on Sunday! Time is flying by!!

ten month photoshoot

Here’s to a good week ahead! Stay warm!

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