Olivia’s Ten Month Update

It keeps surprising me how much a baby can develop and change in just a short month. Olivia went from slowly standing to taking confident steps. She’s still the happy baby she always is, but it seems like she has more energy and more curiosity. She definitely needs to be doing something all the time or she’ll get super bored and cranky. She’s also showing more affection towards Ryan and I and we become puddles.



If she could eat 24 hours a day, she would. Right now, we’re working on finishing up the baby food I have frozen up and switching to “table food”. As long as it’s steamed/cooked and in bite size pieces, she does fairly well. She does enjoy feeding herself and picking her pieces from the table. If we’re feeding her baby food, she needs to have a spoon in her hand or she’s not happy.

She still doesn’t enjoy any meat and quickly spits it out. Pasta, she just played with it and threw it on the ground. New textures mean more experiments and playing with food which also mean more messes. Slowly but surely, she should be off baby food in a month or two.

She’s still drinking milk like crazy, although I have seen a slight decrease in nursing time, which in turn prompted a sharp decrease in milk production. Still working on pumping at work and at night, but my days might be numbered. Just gotta increase the food so hopefully the milk demand will slow down.

Thats not how spoons work


I must say that sleep has taken a turn for the better. Most nights, she’ll fall asleep without issues and sleep through the night. This in turn, makes the nights when she fights sleep seem way worse than they actually are. About once a week, she’ll refuse to go to sleep and we’ve had to resort to the crying-out method which everybody hates so much, but she then sleeps through the night. Knock on wood, this month she only had to come to our bed a handful of times.

Naps during the weekend are still a toss up. She’ll always take naps, but with changing schedules it’s never at the same time or always in the crib.

Nap time

Awake Time

She loves loves playtime, going from one toy to the next non-stop. She starting to interact more with toys that require a bit of skill (pulling a lever, pushing buttons, etc) and understanding how they work.

toy excess

She’s also testing her motor skills and you can see in her face that she gets really proud of herself when we practice walking. She likes to take steps between Ryan and I, we’re up to about 5 now! And she loves to walk around the house with us holding only one of her hands.

She’s taking everything in and pointing at everything edging us to let her know what it is “closet, santa, dada, door, flower” over and over again. She’s a smart little cookie!

Christmas reading


Her favorite mode of transportation right now is walking around on her knees.

She gets super excited for bath time and as soon as Ryan starts the water, she’s on her way to the bathroom.

The tupperware drawer will entertain her for hours.

She got to meet some of her great aunts and uncles during Thanksgiving and enjoyed some quality family time.

The whole gang

She’s learning how to give kisses and will open her mouth, stick her tongue out a bit and go for it. So be ready for slobber!

She’s also learning how to throw a ball, so cute!

She brings so much joy to our lives, we couldn’t love her more.

Big Smile OMA

Have a wonderful weekend!

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