Baby Painted Wrapping Paper

Because having a baby makes everything more fun. This year, we’re staying home from Christmas, which means that I had to send the family gifts in the mail. I wanted to add an extra touch, so I used Olivia’s artistic skills to make extra special wrapping paper.

Baby Wrapping Paper smiles

First up, I had to prep the area. I draped a towel over the back and bottom of her high chair. The table got a few layers of  Glad cling wrap to create the painting surface. With some brown paper bags, non-toxic acrylic paint and a bunch of baby wipes handy, Olivia and I were ready to go.

Baby Wrapping Paper prep

At first, she just played around with the paint on her hands. I did have to keep her pacifier in her mouth so she wouldn’t put her hands in her mouth. oops!

Baby Wrapping Paper mess

With a little encouragement, she did end up coloring on the bags as I placed them on the table. She seemed to be more intrigued by how paint worked, than by the fun of messing with the paint itself.

Baby Wrapping Paper fun

After a bunch of wipe cleaning and a bath, the bags were left to dry. The towel and cling wrap, kept the chair stain free. Olivia’s tongue was green for a little while afterwards though…

Baby Wrapping Paper paint

With some red twine and a tag, the gifts were ready to be mailed!

Baby Wrapping Paper

I loved it. I believe Olivia also enjoyed it. My family loved it. So, maybe next year we’ll have to repeat it.

Until then, hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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