A New Year

Hey! Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a week. I mistakenly thought being off work would give me some extra time, but a teething baby is quite demanding. No complaints, but I haven’t gotten anything done around here. So, without further adieu, here’s how spent our New Year’s Weekend.

We drove over to Ryan’s hometown on Friday and met up with his sister and brother in law. We hung out for a while and did our Christmas gift exchange. It’s safe to say, that Olivia was her usual smiley self the whole time.

Friday playtime

Saturday, the boys went ice fishing, while the girls just hung out.

fun w nicole

This girl is insane.

Saturday playtime

The running bug hit me, and Tucker needed some time outside, so I borrowed some tennis shoes and went out on a quick run. Not too long, but long enough for me. Haven’t done this in a while…

doggie run

After everybody got back, it was time to get ready to say bye to 2016.

NY getup

The family got together for dinner.

the whole fam

Mike, our awesome friend from college, came over to hang out with us for the night.

mikes in town

With free baby sitters, we took the opportunity to go out to the bars and hang out. The best moments of the nights were probably when my family facetimed me during their midnight time (my 10pm for the Puerto Rico crew and then 11pm for the NYC clan). It was super sweet sharing that moment with them. Plus, they let us know when midnight struck in Iowa because the bar didn’t have any countdown going on haha.

ny fun

Sunday was a bit of a blur since I’m a little off my drinking game. Oh well!

our family of three










Fro out little family to yours, hope you have a great 2017!

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