Throwback Thursday to Last Weekend

Well, the week is almost over and I haven’t even realized it. Oops! Without further adieu, here’s what we were up to last weekend.

As is tradition in Puerto Rico, we celebrated the Epiphany on January 6. First though, kid’s gather some grass from outside (thankfully we didn’t have any snow and Ryan braved the cold to get some for Olivia) and fill an empty show box with it to leave for the camels. Sort of like Santa’s cookies and milk. Everyone has their own placement of the box, but in our house we leave them at the foot of the bed. During the photo op, Olivia had fun taking the grass out of the box and spreading it all over the place.

cajita de grama

Karla and Javier came over to visit that weekend, so they were able to join in on the celebrations in the morning.

dia de reyes

Olivia has quite a bit of fun exploring her new toys and clothes.


Titi Karla reading to her…

Titi Karla reading

Olivia also showed of her new skill pretending that anything and everything is a phone. Here she is with her grass phone…

grass phone

Friday and Saturday,the boys had a couple of days of hunting and fishing, without much luck.

boys fishing

In the meantime, the girls just hung out. It was nice having Karla around because she took care of Olivia while I got things done around the house before the start of work this week.

Makeup fun

We also started swimming lessons this Saturday. She was pretty overwhelmed for a little while, but then was totally fine. Hopefully, these lessons help her get used to open water and lots of activity around her. We’ll see where they take us!

swim swim

We also tried on one of her presents, a jibarita dress!

Jibarita con tio

Nights were pretty much spent hanging out and relaxing, specially because the boys came down with a couple of bugs.


Days were spent playing with this goofball.

goofball OMA

We did make it out to eat a couple of times. We had lunch at Bata’s which is a restaurant that had been on my list of places to go to. I’m glad we tried it out because the food was delicious.

Batas lunch

Overall, it was a great weekend and perfect ending to our holiday break!

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