Olivia’s Eleven Month Update

Only one more month with a baby. Time is flying by and needs to stop any moment now. Olivia is growing so much and developing so quickly, it’s hard for me to keep up with all the changes. She’s super attentive and pays attention to everything we do, hence using every single item she finds as a phone and saying “Dough!”, her version of “hello!”. Most of the time she’s extremely happy. Sometimes she shows her only child tendencies by demanding attention and whatever she might want at the time. Also, she loves to eat.

OMA Eleven Months


Eating right now is quite the event/experiment. We are eating more solid foods now, pretty much with every meal. Cut up sweet potatoes and carrots, green beans, bread, peas, fruit pieces. She loves frozen pears and apples. We’ve tried fruit smoothies and yogurt. Some foods she’ll eat sometimes, but deny other, like: pasta, rice, beans, meat, fish, and eggs. She’s eating solid food for three meals and a couple of snacks. Still in love with puffs and bananas.

Happy Eating

Her milk intake has gone way down. She’s now breastfeeding morning and night, and taking two bottles at daycare. I can finally see the finish line and think weaning her off will be pretty easy. At least I hope. Since the holiday break, I have her on her new feeding schedule and my milk production lowered, but it still in par with her demand. The holiday break also helped me feed my freezer stash for later.



After Thanksgiving, she slept wonderfully up until Christmas. She began to make a fuzz about falling asleep and staying asleep. So, coming back to bed with us became the norm around 4am every night. This week, I started sleep training and, knock on wood, it has gone very well. My hope is to be able to leave her in bed awake, since soon she won’t be able to nurse to sleep. Next step will be working on naptime. She still hates naps on the bed, so we’ll have to work on that. Plus, sleeping in the Pack ‘N Play is a no go at all costs. She hates it.

no sleep

Awake Time

She is constantly on the move. From one toy to the next, from one room to the next. She’s developing some amazing skills like stacking mega blocks, putting the rings in the holder (those colored stacked ring things), throwing the ball, putting the ball in the basket, dabbling a little bit with kicking a ball, etc.

smile time

She’s also following along in songs and books and understanding words.


She loves to be around people and will do anything to get a smile or reaction from you. One on one interactions are her favorite.

mama play time

She’s also showing signs of enjoying daycare and playing with other kids.

cutie OMA


Still loves walking around on her knees, even though she is starting to take more initiative in her walking.

knee walking is the best

She had a great time celebrating her first Christmas.

first christmas

Visited the family during New Year’s…

family new year

As well as her first Epiphany.

epiphany day

Had a visit from titi and tio during Three Kings Day…

tio epiphany

Her kisses are more like an open mouth makeout session. But she does know how to blow kisses know, which are snot and saliva free.

We started swim lessons!

lets go swimming

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is wonderful and I love her.

The three of us

Have a great weekend!

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