Fun and errands

Hola! Hope you’re doing well. By now you’re probably used to late posts… It’s how I roll now. Soon, I’ll get back to DIY posts as well, but for now, these recap posts will do.

This past weekend I tackled a long to-do list, and actually got everything done except one item. I call that a win! Plus, Olivia was my little helper for some of it.

Mama and me

Noon time was spent at swimming lessons. She had lots of fun. She’s so comfortable in the water and loves watching all the other kids. My little fishy!

Water time

The rest of the day was spent working on more tasks, so by the night I was beat. Grilled cheese and tea for dinner sounded just perfect.

Grilled cheese and tea

Sunday morning was spent just hanging around. It was an early wake up call, so I spent most of the morning in my pjs. Olivia didn’t care that my energy level was low though, she still decided to use me as her own personal horsey.

horsey ride

After lunch, we got ready and took the time to take some passport photos for Olivia. Let me just say, there’s a lot of outtakes.

photo fails

Then we headed out on the town to get some donuts and coffee.

on a ride

The local coffee shop we were heading to was closed, so instead we went into Dunkin Donuts and Olivia’s first donut experience. She looooved the donuts, that face is her just trying to bite a piece off.

donut break

She was jacked on sugar and wanted to walk around the store. she’s getting so big!

we have a walker

And off she goes!

off she goes

The rest of the night was spend entertaining, feeding and putting Olivia to bed. Good weekend.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

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