TBT to Olivia’s First Birthday

Hey! Busy week here, so couldn’t really spend too much time on the computer. I still wanted to get the update from last weekend in because Olivia turned 1!!!! Can’t believe it… It’s pretty safe to say that I was on an emotional roller coaster.

The day Friday actually started a bit early for me because Olivia got a fever at daycare and I had to pick her up. I didn’t complain. By the time we got home, her fever was gone. So, it must’ve just been a cold related reaction. Once we were home, she ate like a champ, which she wasn’t at daycare that morning.

Any moment I got, I got busy in the kitchen getting her smash cake ready. Why I do this to myself, I am yet to find out.

Ryan’s parents came over Friday night and after getting settled in, I finished off with a nice glass of wine or two.

Saturday morning, it was the big day! I was both excited and dreading this day. How can my baby be one already?

I definitely stole all the hugs and snuggles I could.

First present: an airplane toy to get her ready for our trip to the BVI in May. She seemed to enjoy it.

Then, it was time to open presents from the grandparents and great grandparents.

After naptime, we all headed out to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate. She didn’t stop eating from the time we got there to the time we left. She’s our little piggy.

Our new table when we go out: beers, snacks and tiny hands.

They crew there announced her birthday and sat her on the saddle. Haha

Once back, we gave her the smash cake, topped with Ryan’s first birthday cake topper.

She wasn’t too sure about it and didn’t actually enjoy the cake much.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying our little one. Sunday, Ryan had to leave for a work activity early, so it was just Olivia and I running errands. We stopped to snack and this is the pose she chose. Comfy.

Once we got back, it was pretty nice out so we went on a walk and spent some time outside.

Maybe she’s not too big after all? Whenever she sees the jumperoo, she needs to get in there.

After naptime, it was time to head back out and get her ears pierced. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous. But, she was a champ and after ten minutes, she didn’t even care about it. So, I took her twelve month pictures when we got back home.

Then, back to hanging out with my love.

Now, my family is coming over this weekend for birthday celebration 2.0

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