TBT to Olivia’s BDay Part 2

I can’t I let another weekend recap go unwritten for so long. Gotta get my act together. To be fair, I was have been sick this whole week and pretty much bedridden after Olivia goes to bed, so I have spent zero time blogging, cleaning, organizing and/or cooking. Nonetheless, here’s the recap of last weekend.

My family started arriving Wednesday night to celebrate Olivia’s first birthday. I was pretty excited to see them all and spend some time enjoying their company. Of course, I also love when they get to spend time with Olivia and see how beautifully she’s growing. Plus, it’s much needed bonding time with family that lives so far away.

OMA con abuela

By Friday, everyone had arrived, so I took the day off from work to spend as much time with them as possible. Note to self: if you’re taking the day off, make sure to let your family know.

yo y TM

They also chose the best weekend to come to visit. Iowa was experiencing some record highs for February. The days were mostly sunny with highs in the 70s!!! We got to spend some time outside, which was awesome!

viernes en el patio

Saturday, was all about the little one. She was dressed for the occasion.


We went to have brunch at the Class Act Restaurant at the Kirkwood Hotel and it was amazing. My family decorated the little room in pink and gold. It was lovely.

bday decorations

The food was amazing as well, plus great service. Definitely adding this place to must-go restaurants in the area.

This is us OMA

While we waited and celebrated, Olivia got to spend some time playing around and being a walking one-year old.

OMA curious

She had some cake, some food and a cake pop from her high chair.

cake pops

She also opened some presents.

presents time

And shared some cake with Hanna.

sharing is caring

Overall, it was a great activity to kick off the second celebration of Olivia’s birthday.

bday part 2

Back at the house, we enjoyed some more family time outside.

saturday outside

When Olivia went down for a nap with Tania, some of use played some games.

playing games

While mom and I had coffee and chatted.

with momma

Once Olivia was up from her nap, it was smash cake time!

smash cake time

Thanks to Tania and Karla who set up the backdrop and decorations.

smash cake decorations

Olivia was both super into eating cake…

smash cake loving it

…and not really understanding what was going on.

smash cake confused

After a bath, wardrobe change and some playtime, it was time for dinner. She loves eating.

loving dinner

Sunday, Hanna went out on a run and I met her halfway to finish the last five miles with her. It was gorgeous out.

out on a run

We spent the afternoon in the New Bo area enjoying the day and hanging out with our little sweetheart.

OMa w abuelo

She was one babbling lady and loved her time outside.

my walking one year old

Monday came, and everybody left and now we’re back to our usual house of three.

Hopefully, this weekend’s recap won’t take so long to post.

In the meantime, enjoy!!!

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