Catching up with Olivia

Hey! I’m actually publishing the weekend recap on a Monday! Wow! This weekend was mostly spent with our baby girl. Our work hours have been extended, so our waking hours with Olivia are less now. So, we make the most of our time together during the weekend.

Friday night, Ryan actually had to work on a home show, so it was Olivia and I for the night. Once we got home from daycare pickup and she woke up from her nap, I got THE BEST hugs ever. She’s so loving and happy!

Afterwork hugs

For dinner we had some leftovers and mango. For some reason, they will always remind me of grandma. She made the best mango jam ever.

Mango fo dinner

Then, we spent the rest of the night playing. Mostly her giving me toys and wanting me to put them in my mouth and then give them back. Oh well!

Friday night playtime

Saturday morning, we were greeted with a light dusting od snow on the ground and a much colder weekend.

snowy morning

So, our little one is growing up and it was time for a wardrobe change. She helped me out by stealing and later handing me hangers.

Wardrobe change

Look at her walk. So cute!

determined walk

And that face!

that face

How do I know it’s naptime? When she complains and smiles at the same time.

cry smile

Then, we were off to Menards to get some new faucets and replace our leaky ones.

Running errands

While Ryan worked on that project, I kept Olivia entertained and enjoyed some sun in our three season’s room.

Sun room playtime

Truly, she was the one entertaining me by spending most of the time putting her blocks in my boots and then taking them out.

boot time

I just love this picture…

on her way

Sunday, was a little bit warmer, so I ventured out with Olivia to catch up on errands. going into a dressing room with a toddler is a whole different experience.

dressing room w a toddler

Once back, I literally ran away for a couple of miles. It felt good to get outside and moving once more.

run sunday

In the meantime, these two hung out and napped.

nap dad

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, playing, cooking and just enjoying each other.


Here’s to a good week!

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