Accused of Assault


If you have been accused of assault, battery and/or domestic violence, you may be unsure about the potential consequences and what you can do to protect your rights. We can help.

At Clark & Allen, PC, serving Loudoun and Fairfax counties and the surrounding Northern Virginia region, we have the legal knowledge and dedication to give full attention to every aspect of your case. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

A Firm Grasp of the Law

Many people do not realize that you can be convicted for assault even if you did not physically strike someone but did put that person in imminent fear of physical harm. Battery is the legal name for actually touching someone in an unlawful fashion.

A misdemeanor assault or battery charge can be punished by up to a year in jail and a fine of as much as $2,500. However, even if the prosecution can prove the facts, you may be able to get the case dismissed if you follow certain conditions, including anger management classes.

There are several ways the severity of an assault or battery charge can increase.

A hate crime — one motivated by a factor such as race or religion — may carry a mandatory minimum sentence, while charges like malicious wounding and aggravated assault can lead to a felony conviction.

We will fight for your rights in the way that is best for you, whether that involves challenging the evidence, asserting defenses such as self-defense and/or seeing what options we can work out with the judge and prosecutor. Contact us to get help from a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Your Advocate in Domestic Violence Hearings

In Virginia, in addition to criminal prosecution, someone accused of domestic violence (assault or battery against a family member) can be served with a protective order forbidding that person from entering the home or physical vicinity of the accuser.

Our attorneys will represent either party at protective order hearings. We believe people have a right to be safe in their homes. We also understand that false domestic violence allegations may arise during divorce and family conflicts, and being forbidden from one’s own home based on these allegations can be extremely harmful.


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