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Do It With Heart is my little web space. I share a little bit about my daily life to keep friends and family posted on what I have been up to lately. I also share a collection of DIY projects I’ve been working on. Some might include crafting, knitting, cooking or just fun activities. I’m constantly trying new techniques and experimenting with new crafts. It’s a never ending flow of ideas.


About the blogger. 

My name is Paola and I am a 30-year-old Landscape Designer and craft junkie from Iowa. I grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to the states for college. Thanks to my now husband, I’ve been here ever since sharing a house with our furry companion, Boone . Currently, we are expecting our first bundle of joy in early 2016.

I have a passion for trying new things, experimenting with new techniques and making some things up along the way. I love jewelry making, knitting, general crafting and cooking as well as exercising and playing with my dog. I plan to make this blog a collection of all the things I love.

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