Cold Season

Well, we all picked up some colds this weekend, so it was pretty uneventful to say the least. We hung out, we took naps and we blew our noses. That’s pretty much it.

Friday after work, we were pretty beat up, so we just hung out at the house. Olivia was pretty tired, since she skipped her afternoon nap, so she went to bed fairly early.

Wheres mama

Saturday, we had swimming lessons in the morning and Olivia loved them, she is doing so good! She blew bubbles under water for the first time and she is not afraid to get her face wet. She even went on her back a few times, which is probably the hardest thing for kids to do. I could tell she was tired though because by the end of the class, her head was just laying on my shoulder. Poor baby.

After lunch and a nap, we headed to Ryan’s cousins house. There Olivia got to hang out with her 2.5 year old cousin. He was super nice with her and shared his toys without a problem.

cousin love

We tried to get a picture of the two of them. Here he is trying to keep her on his lap while Olivia is trying to escape. It was quite hilarious.


Olivia also had a great time taking all of the toys out of the basket.

Toy basket

We stayed there until dinner and then headed home. At some point in the evening, Olivia spiked a fever and she was ready for bed.

On dadas shoulders

That night, I also woke up in the middle of the night with a wave of nausea. Thankfully, I was able to sleep it off, but this cold is on the brink of wanting to turn into something else.

Walking and chewing

Sunday, we hung out in the house, nursed our colds and got ready for the week. Not much going on over here!

Hope you have a great week!

Lock Down

Good morning! So, this weekend we had pretty crappy weather. We were expecting an ice storm on Sunday and Ryan was gone until Sunday afternoon, so Olivia and I pretty much just hung out at the house the whole time. We did make it out on Saturday to go to swimming lessons, which she loves!, and then on Sunday morning to run a couple of errands. So, not too many pictures for this weekend, but here’s what I got.

Of course, Snapchat played a big role. It always does when we’re just hanging out.

flower power

We napped on the couch, which is the best thing ever. Even if I can’t get up for two hours.

Saturday naps

And more Snapchat fun because it’s hilarious…

big lips, big nose

…and she loves watching the videos play back in a loop.

hey smarty

Sunday, we worked on our eating skills. She’s good with pureed foods, alright with stewed veggies and fruit, and hates chunky baby foods. So, right now it’s either real food or purees.

dinner time

And it’s according to her mood. During each meal time, I need to give her a variety, so she doesn’t get bored. As soon as she spits the purees, we switch to real food. When starts throwing real food to the floor, we switch to purees. On and on until we’re done with mealtime.

sweet potatoes are the best

Sunday afternoon, we got ready for the Cowboys game. It was a good game with crappy results. Oh well…

cowboys playoffs

Monday, was a holiday, so we stayed home and Olivia got to hang out with dada all day. It was a mix of building and destroying.

lego playtime

Low key weekend with lots of Olivia time. Pretty perfect.

Olivia’s Eleven Month Update

Only one more month with a baby. Time is flying by and needs to stop any moment now. Olivia is growing so much and developing so quickly, it’s hard for me to keep up with all the changes. She’s super attentive and pays attention to everything we do, hence using every single item she finds as a phone and saying “Dough!”, her version of “hello!”. Most of the time she’s extremely happy. Sometimes she shows her only child tendencies by demanding attention and whatever she might want at the time. Also, she loves to eat.

OMA Eleven Months


Eating right now is quite the event/experiment. We are eating more solid foods now, pretty much with every meal. Cut up sweet potatoes and carrots, green beans, bread, peas, fruit pieces. She loves frozen pears and apples. We’ve tried fruit smoothies and yogurt. Some foods she’ll eat sometimes, but deny other, like: pasta, rice, beans, meat, fish, and eggs. She’s eating solid food for three meals and a couple of snacks. Still in love with puffs and bananas.

Happy Eating

Her milk intake has gone way down. She’s now breastfeeding morning and night, and taking two bottles at daycare. I can finally see the finish line and think weaning her off will be pretty easy. At least I hope. Since the holiday break, I have her on her new feeding schedule and my milk production lowered, but it still in par with her demand. The holiday break also helped me feed my freezer stash for later.



After Thanksgiving, she slept wonderfully up until Christmas. She began to make a fuzz about falling asleep and staying asleep. So, coming back to bed with us became the norm around 4am every night. This week, I started sleep training and, knock on wood, it has gone very well. My hope is to be able to leave her in bed awake, since soon she won’t be able to nurse to sleep. Next step will be working on naptime. She still hates naps on the bed, so we’ll have to work on that. Plus, sleeping in the Pack ‘N Play is a no go at all costs. She hates it.

no sleep

Awake Time

She is constantly on the move. From one toy to the next, from one room to the next. She’s developing some amazing skills like stacking mega blocks, putting the rings in the holder (those colored stacked ring things), throwing the ball, putting the ball in the basket, dabbling a little bit with kicking a ball, etc.

smile time

She’s also following along in songs and books and understanding words.


She loves to be around people and will do anything to get a smile or reaction from you. One on one interactions are her favorite.

mama play time

She’s also showing signs of enjoying daycare and playing with other kids.

cutie OMA


Still loves walking around on her knees, even though she is starting to take more initiative in her walking.

knee walking is the best

She had a great time celebrating her first Christmas.

first christmas

Visited the family during New Year’s…

family new year

As well as her first Epiphany.

epiphany day

Had a visit from titi and tio during Three Kings Day…

tio epiphany

Her kisses are more like an open mouth makeout session. But she does know how to blow kisses know, which are snot and saliva free.

We started swim lessons!

lets go swimming

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is wonderful and I love her.

The three of us

Have a great weekend!

Throwback Thursday to Last Weekend

Well, the week is almost over and I haven’t even realized it. Oops! Without further adieu, here’s what we were up to last weekend.

As is tradition in Puerto Rico, we celebrated the Epiphany on January 6. First though, kid’s gather some grass from outside (thankfully we didn’t have any snow and Ryan braved the cold to get some for Olivia) and fill an empty show box with it to leave for the camels. Sort of like Santa’s cookies and milk. Everyone has their own placement of the box, but in our house we leave them at the foot of the bed. During the photo op, Olivia had fun taking the grass out of the box and spreading it all over the place.

cajita de grama

Karla and Javier came over to visit that weekend, so they were able to join in on the celebrations in the morning.

dia de reyes

Olivia has quite a bit of fun exploring her new toys and clothes.


Titi Karla reading to her…

Titi Karla reading

Olivia also showed of her new skill pretending that anything and everything is a phone. Here she is with her grass phone…

grass phone

Friday and Saturday,the boys had a couple of days of hunting and fishing, without much luck.

boys fishing

In the meantime, the girls just hung out. It was nice having Karla around because she took care of Olivia while I got things done around the house before the start of work this week.

Makeup fun

We also started swimming lessons this Saturday. She was pretty overwhelmed for a little while, but then was totally fine. Hopefully, these lessons help her get used to open water and lots of activity around her. We’ll see where they take us!

swim swim

We also tried on one of her presents, a jibarita dress!

Jibarita con tio

Nights were pretty much spent hanging out and relaxing, specially because the boys came down with a couple of bugs.


Days were spent playing with this goofball.

goofball OMA

We did make it out to eat a couple of times. We had lunch at Bata’s which is a restaurant that had been on my list of places to go to. I’m glad we tried it out because the food was delicious.

Batas lunch

Overall, it was a great weekend and perfect ending to our holiday break!

A New Year

Hey! Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a week. I mistakenly thought being off work would give me some extra time, but a teething baby is quite demanding. No complaints, but I haven’t gotten anything done around here. So, without further adieu, here’s how spent our New Year’s Weekend.

We drove over to Ryan’s hometown on Friday and met up with his sister and brother in law. We hung out for a while and did our Christmas gift exchange. It’s safe to say, that Olivia was her usual smiley self the whole time.

Friday playtime

Saturday, the boys went ice fishing, while the girls just hung out.

fun w nicole

This girl is insane.

Saturday playtime

The running bug hit me, and Tucker needed some time outside, so I borrowed some tennis shoes and went out on a quick run. Not too long, but long enough for me. Haven’t done this in a while…

doggie run

After everybody got back, it was time to get ready to say bye to 2016.

NY getup

The family got together for dinner.

the whole fam

Mike, our awesome friend from college, came over to hang out with us for the night.

mikes in town

With free baby sitters, we took the opportunity to go out to the bars and hang out. The best moments of the nights were probably when my family facetimed me during their midnight time (my 10pm for the Puerto Rico crew and then 11pm for the NYC clan). It was super sweet sharing that moment with them. Plus, they let us know when midnight struck in Iowa because the bar didn’t have any countdown going on haha.

ny fun

Sunday was a bit of a blur since I’m a little off my drinking game. Oh well!

our family of three










Fro out little family to yours, hope you have a great 2017!