Olivia’s First Christmas

It wasn’t a white Christmas, but it was definitely special. We celebrated Olivia’s first holidays at our home and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed as I played Santa and placed the gifts under the tree. She doesn’t even know what’s going on, but it’s still pretty exciting for us. Warning: picture overload!

Friday night, she went to bed wearing one of her new Christmas pjs. My little candy cane!

Xmas eve eve pjs

Saturday, we hung out and got ready, as Ryan’s parents made their way over to spend the day with us. Olivia, of course, entertained herself by opening a drawer and removing its contents.

Xmas eve morning

After a quick change, we were ready for the day!

Xmas fam

This was my first year trying to make pernil, the traditional Christmas meal in Puerto Rico. Basically, it’s a roasted pork butt, but with the skin on, so it creates this amazing crackling on the top and it’s just delicious. I also made arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas) and pasteles (these came pre-made from PR). It was amazing and now I know I can special order this cut of met and that my cooking skills are pretty respectable.

pernil cena

Olivia had some as well and approved. Pasteles? Not so much.

OMA pernil

Before dinner, we opened some of the presents for Olivia.

OMA wrapping paper

She was into the wrapping paper for a little bit and then would move on to something else.




OMA moving on

Once the presents were opened and we ate dinner, it was time to play with the gifts. Ryan and her had some fun playing around the new tent.

OMA tent

She also got to spend some quality time with the grandparents.

OMA w grandparents

This little lady is one happy gal.

OMA happy

One funny thing she’s been doing lately? She started biting down on food and makes funny faces when they’re a bit hard. She’s obviously doing it on purpose because it probably feels pretty good now that she’s teething. No matter, than face always puts a smile on mine.

Scrunch face

We also got to spend some time with Tucker and we loved every second of it. Makes us really miss having a dog in the house.

Ryan n Tucker

Once the grandparents left, we finished wearing Olivia out before it was time for bed.

new stroller

And on to the next set of Christmas pjs.

xmas eve pjs

Once she went to bed, Ryan and I placed the gifts under the tree and got ready for the next day.

Xmas tree w presents

Since we were in no hurry, we had breakfast before settling down to open presents.

ready to begin

She had many gifts from our family that loves her so much. She opened gifts from aunts, grandparents and great aunts.

more wrapping paper

Inspecting each one.

here fishy fishy

Climbing on boxes.

climbing on presents

Waiting patiently for dada to get the toys assembled for her.

assembly recquired

She got a car…

beep beep

… a purse…

ohh a purse

… a drum…

rom pom pom pom

… and a ball pit, among other gifts.

OMA ball pit fun

The rest of the day was spent playing and playing and playing among facetimes here and there. It was a great first Christmas with Olivia. We felt how loved she is and can’t help but be so appreciative of our family and their kindness.

OMA feliz navidad

From our family to yours ¡Feliz Navidad!

Baby Painted Wrapping Paper

Because having a baby makes everything more fun. This year, we’re staying home from Christmas, which means that I had to send the family gifts in the mail. I wanted to add an extra touch, so I used Olivia’s artistic skills to make extra special wrapping paper.

Baby Wrapping Paper smiles

First up, I had to prep the area. I draped a towel over the back and bottom of her high chair. The table got a few layers of  Glad cling wrap to create the painting surface. With some brown paper bags, non-toxic acrylic paint and a bunch of baby wipes handy, Olivia and I were ready to go.

Baby Wrapping Paper prep

At first, she just played around with the paint on her hands. I did have to keep her pacifier in her mouth so she wouldn’t put her hands in her mouth. oops!

Baby Wrapping Paper mess

With a little encouragement, she did end up coloring on the bags as I placed them on the table. She seemed to be more intrigued by how paint worked, than by the fun of messing with the paint itself.

Baby Wrapping Paper fun

After a bunch of wipe cleaning and a bath, the bags were left to dry. The towel and cling wrap, kept the chair stain free. Olivia’s tongue was green for a little while afterwards though…

Baby Wrapping Paper paint

With some red twine and a tag, the gifts were ready to be mailed!

Baby Wrapping Paper

I loved it. I believe Olivia also enjoyed it. My family loved it. So, maybe next year we’ll have to repeat it.

Until then, hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

We’re on a break!

Hey! So, this post might be a little bit late… oops! Friday was our last day of work before the holiday break and I truly took it to heart to rest some and catch up my energy. Without further adieu though, here’s what we were up to last weekend. We were meant to go to Ryan’s family Christmas, but we were getting some bad weather and decided to stay put.

Saturday morning, I took some time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and catch up on some blog stuff. The moment of zen lasted approximately five minutes until Olivia demanded my attention.

Coffe morning

We spent a lot of the day playing around. She thinks that Ryan is the best jungle gym ever.

Dad the playmat

We also snuck out of the house for a bit, when the weather was alright, to meet Santa. She waved and smiled at him right away.

OMA meets Santa

Olivia had no problem at all with him. Maybe next year we’ll get the screams.

Hey Santa

Her favorite mode of transportation is on her knees. It’s better than crawling (because she can carry things) and than walking (because she won’t fall).

mode of transport OMA

Meal time is also getting super fun with her. She’s getting into eating real people food. Sometimes she’ll eat it all, sometimes she’ll just throw it overboard.

Silly faces

The cold day needed to end with a big cup of hot chocolate.

jug o cocoa

Sunday morning, we started the morning with a FaceTime call to Titita. Olivia already recognizes the sound of video calls and gets really excited for them.


Another thing that’s happening right now, teething. She didn’t cry long, but it was the only way I could get a picture of the emerging teeth haha

teething days

We then watched dadda scoop some snow which calmed and entertained her for a while.

whats dad up to

Christmas packages are arriving!

presents n gifts

We ended the night with playtime in the basement. She found a string on the couch and thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

sting are fun

I also had to take some pictures on the timer for the yoga challenges I’m doing on Instagram, and had some photo bomber problems. This is the result when she crawls from the other side of the room. Crazy eyes.


That’s pretty much it. I’m truly enjoying my days filled with this little sweetheart.

Olivia’s Ten Month Update

It keeps surprising me how much a baby can develop and change in just a short month. Olivia went from slowly standing to taking confident steps. She’s still the happy baby she always is, but it seems like she has more energy and more curiosity. She definitely needs to be doing something all the time or she’ll get super bored and cranky. She’s also showing more affection towards Ryan and I and we become puddles.



If she could eat 24 hours a day, she would. Right now, we’re working on finishing up the baby food I have frozen up and switching to “table food”. As long as it’s steamed/cooked and in bite size pieces, she does fairly well. She does enjoy feeding herself and picking her pieces from the table. If we’re feeding her baby food, she needs to have a spoon in her hand or she’s not happy.

She still doesn’t enjoy any meat and quickly spits it out. Pasta, she just played with it and threw it on the ground. New textures mean more experiments and playing with food which also mean more messes. Slowly but surely, she should be off baby food in a month or two.

She’s still drinking milk like crazy, although I have seen a slight decrease in nursing time, which in turn prompted a sharp decrease in milk production. Still working on pumping at work and at night, but my days might be numbered. Just gotta increase the food so hopefully the milk demand will slow down.

Thats not how spoons work


I must say that sleep has taken a turn for the better. Most nights, she’ll fall asleep without issues and sleep through the night. This in turn, makes the nights when she fights sleep seem way worse than they actually are. About once a week, she’ll refuse to go to sleep and we’ve had to resort to the crying-out method which everybody hates so much, but she then sleeps through the night. Knock on wood, this month she only had to come to our bed a handful of times.

Naps during the weekend are still a toss up. She’ll always take naps, but with changing schedules it’s never at the same time or always in the crib.

Nap time

Awake Time

She loves loves playtime, going from one toy to the next non-stop. She starting to interact more with toys that require a bit of skill (pulling a lever, pushing buttons, etc) and understanding how they work.

toy excess

She’s also testing her motor skills and you can see in her face that she gets really proud of herself when we practice walking. She likes to take steps between Ryan and I, we’re up to about 5 now! And she loves to walk around the house with us holding only one of her hands.

She’s taking everything in and pointing at everything edging us to let her know what it is “closet, santa, dada, door, flower” over and over again. She’s a smart little cookie!

Christmas reading


Her favorite mode of transportation right now is walking around on her knees.

She gets super excited for bath time and as soon as Ryan starts the water, she’s on her way to the bathroom.

The tupperware drawer will entertain her for hours.

She got to meet some of her great aunts and uncles during Thanksgiving and enjoyed some quality family time.

The whole gang

She’s learning how to give kisses and will open her mouth, stick her tongue out a bit and go for it. So be ready for slobber!

She’s also learning how to throw a ball, so cute!

She brings so much joy to our lives, we couldn’t love her more.

Big Smile OMA

Have a wonderful weekend!

Snowed In

Late post! Monday turned out to be a lot busier than I expected…

This weekend we got some snow, so I welcomed being in the house with open arms. It was cold and I don’t mind taking a break from running around, even though I still ran some errands Saturday morning.

Friday night, Ryan and I headed to Flowerama to pick up our Christmas tree. They usually have a pretty good selection and they’re super close to our house, so it’s a win win.

tree shopping

Once back home, I fed Olivia while Ryan put the lights on the tree.

OMA and dad

She helped to test them out as well, sometimes by putting a bulb in her mouth… gotta pay attention with this little one.

light testing

Once it was all done and in the corner, she got to check it out and touch the tree and lights. she was pretty bored after a minute or so. Whatever.

tree is up

Nonetheless, our tree is finally up!

we have a star

The rest of the weekend was spent decorating the tree, facetiming the grandparents, taking ornaments off the tree, scooping snow, grocery shopping, gift shopping and just hanging out.

look at this ornament

Of course, with a healthy dose of Snapchat on the side.

snap reindeer

Plus, she turned 10 months old on Sunday! Time is flying by!!

ten month photoshoot

Here’s to a good week ahead! Stay warm!