On the menu: Fish Tacos

One of my husband Ryan’s favorite hobbies is fishing. So, every so often I have a bag full of frozen fish in the freezer which works perfect for throwing a quick dinner, except the whole thawing part which drives me nuts.

Las night, I decided to make some fish tacos. I don’t think I’ve ever followed the same recipe twice. It’s always a throw-whatever-we-have-on-hand on the tortilla and call it good. Combinations are endless and quite delicious. But you can never go wrong with frying or fish in this family.

While the fished thawed, I made some country-style potatoes. I had an extra potato, so I thought I would throw it in the mix. Pretty simple to do. I sautéed some onion in olive oil until it was tender. Added some minced garlic and sautéed for another minute. Then, added one diced russet potato, paprika, salt and pepper, covered and cooked for about 5 minutes checking for tenderness every so often. Once tender, I uncovered and raised heat to brown. That’s it!


After the fish were thawed out and double checked for bones, I fried them in vegetable oil. This time I used some Shore Lunch batter. We had some of the Cornmeal Recipe which gives the fish enough crunch without making it all batter and no meat. Tasty!


I also made a spicy mayo for a spread. Pretty much mix together mayo, lemon juice, paprika, cayenne pepper and chili powder to taste. It gave them a nice kick!


Toppings count: fried perch, country potatoes, spicy mayo, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Since I used what I had on hand, I omitted the cabbage which is the norm for fish tacos and went with the good ol’ lettuce and tomato. For the tortillas I used the Buena Vida Low Carb ones which we love. They are seriously the best. Try them!


All in all, both of us gave it the A+ seal of approval.

Just getting started…

Welcome to Do It With Heart!

I’ve had this itch to have a blog for a while now and I finally bit the bullet and decided it was time. this will be quite the experiment and I’m pretty excited about it.

I love the creative arts. If it involves following instructions (or just flying by the seat of your pants), using your hands and creating something awesome, I am definitely up for it. I want to share my experiments on the web, like many before me have, to help others like me find some more inspiration. Experimenting with new techniques and making things from scratch is kinda my passion. Hopefully you share it with me!

The name Do It With Heart is what I live by. Anything I create, I put my heart in it. I believe that anything you do, be it cooking, sewing, singing or even taking the dog out on a walk, has to be done with heart. I’m no expert in cooking or  crafting projects, but I do pour myself in them with some pretty amazing outcomes. And let’s be honest, sometimes some not so very good ones. 

Just like my grandma said, the secret to any recipe is putting some love and heart in it.