Low Key Weekend

Good morning! First off, sorry I didn’t post anything last Friday. These past few weeks have been quite busy and tiring, and I just haven’t gotten around to much other than the house projects we’ve been working on. Needless to say, our house is still a mess and needs some good cleaning. Hopefully, we’ll be able to catch up this week/weekend.

I do have an excuse though, Ryan and I are expecting! I had told my family and close friends already, but made the official announcement on Saturday. I’ll write more about how I told everybody later…

Dog Pregnancy Announcement

This weekend Ryan and I decided to take it easy and relax. So, Friday after work, we decided to sit out in our patio and just hang out with Boone. Once it got dark, we went back inside and finally started watching the latest season of Game of Thrones. I know, late for the party.

Hanging out Friday

Saturday, we took off early to his family reunion. It was a big deal this time because they wanted to make sure everybody made it to take the a picture with everyone and it was a success.

Family Picture

The day started off with a little bit of golfing. Wow, was I having a bad game! at least the day was gorgeous.


After some mingling and hanging out, we took the big picture. But first, a quick family selfie!

Family Time

Some time after lunch, everybody said their goodbyes. On the way back home, I probably slept 90% of the time. I was exhausted! poor Ryan drove back without company, He’s a trooper though!


Sunday was dedicated to naps and running errands. We finally got a new mattress, our first new mattress ever! So exciting. We’ll be picking it up sometime this week. Can’t wait!

Mattress store

We also strolled through  Babys R Us and looked at baby stuff. I don’t think Ryan really knew how expensive kids items could be. For example, a kid’s bedroom set is as expensive as an adult bedroom set. He did get excited about buying our kid Legos in a few years.

just looking

Hope you have a good week!

Almost there, finishing the rooms

Good morning! Yesterday, Ryan and I finally moved back into our room upstairs! After working on the floors all weekend and then on the finishing touches for the following two weeks (on and off), we finally finished.

The last steps involved getting the baseboards and quarter rounds painted. First we taped off all the floors and walls to pain the baseboards.

Protecting with Tape

Three coats of white and done.

Paint Baseboards

We were not really planning on painting the walls when we first started the project, but given that we already had all the supplies and all the furniture was gone from the rooms, we ended up going ahead and painting the rooms. Since we had just done the floors, we put painter’s plastic over the whole floor. Didn’t want any spills.

Plastic all over

Two coats of paint and done.

Paint Walls

Next, we painted all the quarter rounds. Three more coats and done.

Paint Quarter Rounds

After nailing them in place, we followed by some more quick touchup with paint to hide the nails.

Install Quarter Round

Installed the AC vents, outlets, doors, etc back in place and the rooms are ready to move back in

Install Vents

Since we took everything out of the rooms, I’m using this time to go through all of our stuff again and get rid off/donate all the things we don’t use, need or want anymore.

Next up, wall décor. Finally!

Wedding Weekend

Good morning! Can you believe July is almost over? I definitely can’t, it’s has flown by. Between house projects and busy weekends, the summer has been merging together.

Iowa skies

This weekend was no different. Friday night after work, Ryan and I got on the road for his cousin’s wedding on Saturday. Once we got to Northwest Iowa, we just hung out with his parents and chatted until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Friday drive

Saturday morning we had some time to kill before the wedding, so the four of us went golfing. It was a beautiful day and the golfing wasn’t too bad either. I can’t remember the last time I actually spent some time enjoying the sun, so I was soaking up every minute of it. Plus, I got a par! Just on one hole, but can’t complain.


Then it was wedding time! It was great catching up with family and getting to see them again.


The wedding was gorgeous and my favorite part was that the bride and groom looked absolutely ecstatic. Love it!

Wedding with the fam

We made our way back early on Sunday to get going on the housework. We still have to paint some rooms… Boone’s sleeping during the drive perfectly sums up how I felt non Sunday, tired!

back home

Ryan and I were planning on going to the movies in the afternoon for a little break, but decided to take a nap instead. Then, we got back to painting. I know, we’re super cool. Anyways, we’re almost done with the painting which is quote exciting!

Have a good week!

Refinishing Wood Floors: Part 2

Our project is getting closer and closer to completion. Yey!!!! right now we’re working on painting and reinstalling the baseboards and quarter round. Hope to be done with this project very very soon.

On Part 1, I discussed how we sanded and prepped our floors. Today, I’ll be going over how we stained and sealed our precious wood floors. Most of the work was done by Ryan because technically it’s a one man job, but I was there to assist and feed him. So it works out.

floor closeup

We used Minwax wood stain in Provincial. We also had some gloves and paper towels handy. Ryan also had on a respirator mask to minimize the fumes.

stain materials

To apply the satin we used hand held staining pads (kinda look like sponges) and cleaned off the excess with the mop/sponge (in the picture above).

stain tray

We only applied one coat because we liked the finish, but you can definitely do more than one.

first pass

Dry time is about 8 hours, so after that I went ahead and got ready for a few steps in the future and taped off the baseboards. Gotta use my time efficiently!


To seal the stain we used Minwax’s Ultimate Floor Finish in Semi-Gloss. Even though it was a pricier option, it had a lot of ups. These included: non-ambering, no sanding between coats and a two hour dry time. It turned out to be fairly odorless and we ended up loving it.

Minwax Ultimate Floor Finish

We applies the stain with a Microfiber roller (on the right) and it was a breeze.

finish materials

Once we gave it enough time to cure (overnight), we were ready to start on the next step: finish up the details. But more on that later.

Poly done

For now, have a great weekend!

Refinishing Wood Floors: Part 1

So, you know this past weekend Ryan and I spent most of our hours hard at work on redoing our floors. Well, slowly but surely, the project is coming along nicely. We’re still working on it, but I’ll give you and update on where we are at and how we tackled this project.


First up, we had to clear all the rooms and closets. That meant a lot of going up and down the stairs to our basement, setting up a temporary bedroom in there and rendering the kitchen pretty much useless as it became our tool station. Nonetheless, once we did that, our floors were bare and ready to go.

Gross Floors

Then, the prep work. We took off all the 1/4 rounds and salvaged them, since we plan on reusing the good pieces once were done. To do this, grab a pry bar, slide in between the 1/4 round and the base board and start pulling gently along the entire edge until the whole strip is loose. done!

Remove quarter round

Let the sanding begin! There’s a million ways to do a job like this, but I’m just sharing what we did and worked for us. Ryan rented a random orbit sander from Home Depot and got to work. Room by room, he sanded the floors with 36, 60, 80 and 100 grit paper. It was dusty, messy and slow, but it got the job done.

Random Orbit Sander

Here’s what the floor looked like after the first pass.

First Pass

Meanwhile, I went around tight corners and edges with a palm sander. This was necessary for two reasons. One: the random orbit sander couldn’t reach these areas. Two: whoever refinished the floors first made a huge dip all around the edges, so you really needed a small enough tool to strip these areas.

Palm Sander

My gear: some ok-to-get-messy clothes, knee pads, ear plugs, dust mask, and safety glasses. I looked like a dust monster afterwards. Ryan even vacuumed me before I went out to get dinner.

Geared Up

Talking about vacuums, you’ll be vacuuming a lot. Everything a couple of times. We used our regular vacuum and a shop-vac.


Once we were all done, the floors looked like this.

Sanding Wood Floors

It already looked 100 times better. Next, I’ll be going over staining and finishing, which we kinda are still working on…

floor closeup

If you look very closely at the picture above, you can see a water stain from Ryan’s celebratory beer can. Yep, he had to sand that before we proceeded.