Another Cyclone Victory!

Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend. Mine didn’t go exactly as planned, but that’s not a bad thing either. I just opted to be lazy over doing housework.

Friday night we went over to hang out at Ryan’s cousin’s house since he had family over for the weekend. I was planning on doing my long run Saturday morning, but the group wanted to leave a little bit earlier than I though for the tailgate, so I postponed it until Sunday.


Saturday morning, we met up and made our way to the ISU vs Iowa tailgate. It was quite fun getting to hang out with the family, even though I was the only Cyclone fan among them. I wore my cardinal and gold with pride! Ryan and I also dominated in bags, 4 straight up undefeated games. Whoop!

ISU us

By the way, at the tailgate somebody had mini brownies with a Thin Mint stuffed in it. Best idea ever. So clever.


Once it was game time, we headed downtown to meet up with another group and watch the game. The atmosphere was pretty good, plus ISU won! After a quick Cold Stone stop, we headed back. On our way home Ryan and I picked up some Papa Johns and ate some before bed.

ISU bar

Sunday morning consisted of sleeping in until the Cowboys game, watching them win! and then going for a 10 mile run. My longest run ever and it felt pretty good knowing I can do that, even after a day of drinking. Training is paying off.  Then we finished the episodes we had left of Game of Thrones. Such a good show…


Half Marathon Week 7 Recap

Monday: 3.00 mi @ 9’34” per mile.

Tuesday: Bike for 30, rainy day.

Wednesday: strength plus yoga.

Thursday: 5.19 mi @ 9’39” per mile.

Friday: off

Saturday: off

Sunday: 10 mi @ 10’34” per mile plus yoga. Yoga saved my life!

Variety Workout