Fabric Covered Box

A lot of the things I ne dup making are out of a combination of necessity to make my life easier and my lack of motivation to go buy it. some people might think that it’s a lot easier to just head to the store and buy what you need, but I rather make it myself if I can. That is the case with this fabric covered box. I needed a small container to place Q-tips for easy access in a drawer. Instead of heading to the store, I made one myself! It’s easy to make it to any size you want and you can decorate it to your liking.

Fabric Covered Box DIY

Materials needed:

First, you need to set up your template. Cotton swabs are about 3” long, so I wanted the bottom of the box to be 3.5”x3” and 1.5” high. With a ruler and a pencil, I made my layout. In the picture below, you can see the end result and the dimensions. The black lines are my cut lines and the red lines are my fold lines.

Fabric Covered Box template

First cut the box shape out following the black guides with an Xacto knife.

Fabric Covered Box box shape

On the red lines, just cut halfway through the cardboard and fold away from the cut.

Fabric Covered Box fold lines

Fold and use some tape to keep the shape while adhering the fabric.

Fabric Covered Box tape

For the following steps, keep you ModPodge and applicator at hand.

Fabric Covered Box Fabric ModPodge

Center and adhere your box to the fabric with a dab of ModPodge.

Fabric Covered Box adhere

Cut slits in the fabric from each corner of the box in opposite sides.

Fabric Covered Box cut slits

Fold over and adhere. Do the same on both sides.

Fabric Covered Box first sides

Next fold up one of the other sides, cut a slit from the corner of the box out. Once you adhere, you’ll have to extra flaps of fabric on each side. Do the same on the other side.

Fabric Covered Box second sides

To finish, fold one of the flaps over forming a triangle and covering the exposed corner. Glue in place.

Fabric Covered Box first triangle fold

Cut off excess fabric on the top and side.

Fabric Covered Box cut excess

Fold over the second side making the triangle fold over the opposite corner. Glue in place.

Fabric Covered Box second triangle fold

Fold over the fabric and mark where it touches the sides and bottom of the box on the inside. Cut along these lines.

Fabric Covered Box final cut

Glue in place and your done. You can also go back and add some more sealer over any cuts of fabrics that might be a bit fringed.

Fabric Covered Box final glue

Let the box dry completely, and done!

Fabric Covered Box

Fill with whatever you desire.

Fabric Covered Box for storage

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Fabric Covered Box detail

7 Month Going on 30

Hola! This weekend was all about spending time with Olivia and watching her develop. This little girl is going through her developmental milestones and just crushing them. In the blink of an eye, she’s doing something new and surprising us. Thankfully, her sleep this weekend was a bit more normal, still waking up in the middle of the night, but more due to her head cold than anything else.

Friday we had dinner in, some fried fish and pasta. For the pasta I used a recipe I go to every so often. The sauce is just mashed avocado with lemon juice, olive oil, parmesan cheese, basil and tomatoes. Pretty good.

Fish dinner

Saturday, Olivia and I woke up early and had ourselves a lovely morning. She was bright eyed and bushy tailed and made for a great breakfast companion.

Morning Smiles

Once Ryan got up and was getting ready for the day, Olivia and I hung out and cuddled in bed. I was taking the sheets out to get washed and she had a blast laying right in the middle of all that coziness.

Bed cuddles

The morning was pretty perfect, so I decided to go out on a run. I’ve been itching to get out there again for a while, and I’m glad I finally made it out there. I went out there without a plan or pace in mind and ended up running my first two miles non-stop plus an extra half with walking breaks. Part of that is probably due to the cool 68 degree weather.

Saturday Run

When Olivia woke up from her nap, I went to get her and she greeted me standing on her crib and holding on to the sides. So, as soon as she was out and in Ryan’s hands, I proceeded to lower the mattress. First milestone of the weekend done!

Looks whos standing

We spent the afternoon outside, grilled some wings and watching football. The rest of the night was kind of a whirlwind, like usual. It goes from Olivia’s nap, to dinner, to feeding Olivia, to bath time, to bedtime in the blink of an eye.

Football outside

Sunday, Olivia woke up on me. She was pretty stuffy in the early morning so I grabbed her and laid on the couch with her so she could finish her sleep. I don’t mind doing this at all. Later in the morning, we went to the outlet mall to pick p some shoes for Ryan and left with a hat for Olivia. A $1 hat from Old Navy. Looking good!

Eating with new hat

The rest of the day we spent hanging around in the house, playing with Olivia, reading to her and getting some more baby food made. She is still eating baby food, since she had no teeth yet. We’ve tried some chunkier food, bananas and avocados, and she’ll eat those, but not quite ready for harder textures.


Her favorite thing on Sunday was pulling up to standing and crawling over anything that was in her way. Another milestone! She can now pull up to standing by herself without much trouble and she can stay there for a bit too. Look at the grip on that little foot!

Im so big OMA

A relaxing weekend at home, I’ll take that any day!

Hope you have a great week!

Olivia’s Seven Month Update

Where does one tiny little baby get so much energy? Olivia is non-stop all the time. She loves to explore the house and crawl everywhere. Always studying what goes on around her and experimenting with pulling herself up and all the different noises that she can make. She is definitely developing more and more each day, which keeps us on our toes. There’s never a dull moment with this tiny girl and we love every second we spend with her.



She’s still on the same eating schedule (morning, 3 bottle at daycare, evening and bedtime) with an extra feeding in the middle of the night every so often. I’m still keeping up with her demand even though I do have my days when I highly doubt I’ll be able to go for too much longer. A bad pump day can set me back a couple of days.

As far as real food goes, she eats about 4 tablespoons twice a day. Here soon we’re going to add a morning feeding. So far, she hasn’t rejected any food, although she doesn’t seem to be a fan of chicken, probably because of the texture. We’ve also been letting her experiment with bananas and avocado. We just smash some on the table for her and she mostly plays with it. Every so often, she’ll try to bring some to her mouth, but she has terrible aim. It’s actually quite funny watching her trying to figure it out.

All the food OMA


Sleep patterns come and go. We can count on getting her to bed right around 8pm every night and her waking up somewhere around 6am. What happens in between is always a surprise. Sometimes, she’ll sleep thought the night. Other times, she’ll wake up once or twice and need some soothing. Sometimes she gets hungry. While some other times, specially if she’s sick or overly tired, there’s no putting her back to sleep unless she’s being held, so on to the bed she comes. This past week, I’ve been working really hard to try to keep her in her room, but it comes at the price of lack of sleep for Ryan and I .  Her naps at home have been more consistent though and I’ve been able to lay her on her crib for most of them.

Sleep Position OMA

Awake Time

Can you say goofball? She is such a happy baby. As long as she has your attention, she’ll play with you forever. She loves chewing on everything and anything, toys with lights and sounds, cold toys (although I doubt she has started teething), and just moving around. She is an expert crawler now and can get anywhere she wants to on her own. She is also starting to pull herself up to standing and is getting the hang on walking if held by the hands. Movement wise, she is definitely developing right along.

OMA hanging

She’s also experimenting a whole lot with her voice. Yelping, babbling, screaming, giggling, blowing, raspberries, you name it! I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a talker when she finally finds her words.

Babbling OMA

She got one cold and a minor ear infection this month, and I think we’re working on the start of another cold. Other than temperature and a snotty nose, colds don’t seem to affect her demeanor at all. We also experienced her first constipation. Now that made her fuzzy! After a few days, we caved and gave her a suppository (cleared with the doc) and she’s been a pooping champ ever since.



Had more visits from family this month and Olivia had a blast.

Family Visit September

Also, had Ryan’s parents babysit a couple of times and I was a nervous wreck.

In Laws OMA

Apparently Olivia isn’t too fond of grass. When my parents visited and we hung out outside, she touched the grass a couple of times and never left the blanket since!

No Grass Please

It’s truly amazing getting to spend my days with this incredible baby. There’s no feeling like being her mom and seeing her grow every day. Love her!

OMA and mommy

Football Weekend

Hey! Hope your weekend was as eventful as ours was over here. Didn’t have much time to rest, but it’s all good when I get to spend the time with my little smiling princess.

OMA smiles

After a couple of great all-nighters, Olivia had a rough night where she ended up in bed with us. Which is alright in the weekends, plus morning cuddles are the best.

OMA morming cuddles

After a bit, we got ready for the day. Ryan and I were heading to the Iowa State vs Iowa game at night, so his parents rode down to take care of Olivia and her second cousin since his parents were joining us for the game. In the meantime, we just hung out.

OMA football onesie.

Olivia is super active now and climbing over anything that’s in her way. She’s really trying hard to pull up to standing position. Still a bit wobbly though.

OMA hanging

Once the parents got in, it was puppy time! Tucker is soooo cute!

Tucker and OMA

Ryan’s cousin and his family got in to hang out before we took off for the game.

Family and football

And the obligatory family picture. We kept Olivia neutral so we didn’t have to fight over black or cardinal, but we all know she looks better in red.

Our family

It ended being a great night for football and the walk over was quite nice.

Walk to the game

Although the game didn’t go my way, it was still pretty fun.


Sunday morning started out with breakfast. Eggs, fruit, coffee and a side of baby toys.


Then, it was back to playtime.

Playtime Sunday

Ryan went fishing for a while, so Olivia and I did what we do best, snapchat!

And so we Snapchat

After a bit, we went out on a walk, It was her first time in the big girl seat and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it until she fell asleep.

Stroller naptime

Once Ryan got back, he decided to mow before the games, so Olivia and I kept him company for a bit.


Then, we watched the Cowboys game. Olivia survived her first game! Future fan in the making!

Cowboys fan

We took her seven month pictures and then night time came around and we switched gears to getting ready for the week.

seven month outtake

It was a pretty good weekend and hoping for a good week as well.

A day in the life

So, as you might have noticed, things have really slowed down around here once I had Olivia. Even though I still do projects here and there, I definitely don’t have the same amount of time I had before. Between work, taking care of Olivia and housework, the little time I have off, I like to use relaxing and spending time with my family. To give you a look inside what my days look like right now, I decided to keep track of my day, hour by hour. So, here’s a recap of my day Wednesday morning to Thursday morning.

5:33 am I finally get up and get ready for the day.

5:56 am I grab Olivia, change and feed her

Wake Up OMA

6:17 am Ryan gets Olivia ready for the day. I get ready for our day (lunch, bottles, breakfast, coffee)

6:36 am Drive to work, ten minutes late

7:07 am Arrive at work. Spend my day rendering plans, setting up tasks, emails, three pumping sessions, lunch, doctor appointment, meetings, errands, phone calls etc.

Work 1

5:01 pm Head out to pick up Olivia

5:21 pm See my baby’s cute little smile and my day gets a million times better. Talk and sing to her on the car ride until she falls sleep.

5:43 pm Get home. Unload the car, including the sleeping baby. Unpack bottle and pumping supplies for the day, put the dishes away, change into my yoga pants (ahhhh! comfort), cube chicken for dinner, all while Olivia finished her nap. Ryan gets home sometime in there.

6:00 pm Olivia wakes up and spends some time with dad.

6:08 pm Feed Olivia. Enjoy this time with her.

6:33 pm Hand Olivia over to Ryan. Cook dinner and clean kitchen. Prepare Olivia’s dinner.

7:08 pm Eat dinner and feed Olivia carrots and pears.

Feeding OMA

7:29 pm Floor playtime with Olivia.

Playtime OMA

7:50 pm Ryan gives Olivia a bath while I get her room ready for the night and throw a load of laundry in. After the bath, I get Olivia ready for the night (lotion, clean ears and nose, brush hair, fresh diaper, put PJs on).

8:15 pm Nurse and rock Olivia to sleep. I’m almost there when she decided to poop. So, I change her diaper and PJs (blowout!). Try to rock her back to sleep to no avail.

8:45 pm Tag Ryan in to get Olivia to sleep. I go wash the baby bottle and pumping supplies.

8:51 pm Ryan comes out of the room successful. I feel like a loser for not being able to lay her down. She’s picky like that sometimes.

9:05 pm Shower and get ready for the night. Whiten teeth, do some eyebrow tweezing (wow I needed it)

9:40 pm Get some water for the nightstand, charge my phone, charge monitor, hang out with Ryan.

10:10 pm Go to bed. Maybe fall asleep sometime around 10:30ish

1:00 am My alarm goes off for pumping. I look at the monitor to see how Olivia is doing, she likes to wake up during this time and eat instead of letting me pump. She looks fine and I’m super tired. My internal struggle starts, I should pump to save my frozen supply and I’m exhausted.

1:23 am Finally get up to pump. Wash supplies, get laundry from downstairs.

Laundry time

1:52 am Go back to bed.

2:12 am Last time I remember looking at the clock and still I hadn’t fallen asleep yet. My mind never rests with to dos.

5:05 am First alarm goes off.

5:21 am Olivia starts to stir, so I get up and go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, put on my contacts. Ryan gets Olivia and changes her diaper.

5:28 am I feed Olivia and the whole cycle starts again.


As you can see, there’s not much room for working on crafts unless it’s five minutes here and there, which is not very productive. I know what some people might think “if you really want to do it, then you’ll make time for it”. Frankly, I rather get some sleep and spend the little time I have with Olivia and Ryan. I enjoy my time with them, as well as enjoying the moments where I can get to be creative, even if they’re more sporadic nowadays.

Have a good weekend and Go Cyclones!