Pumpkins and Fall Days

Hola! Hopefully you got to enjoy this weekend. The weather here was gorgeous and it was nice spending some time outside this weekend. I did some planting on Saturday, we visited a pumpkin farm and then just hung out on Sunday. Overall, it was a pretty nice weekend.

Pumpkin Weekend

It was pretty chilly Saturday, so before we headed out to the pumpkin patch, I did some planting. I spent about two hours working around the shed in the backyard plantings some bulbs. It’s all ready to go, so now it’s a waiting game until spring to see if my hard work pays off.


We made it to Bart’s Family Farm in the early afternoon. It was sunny and wonderful. It was also quite the busy place. They have a pumpkin patch, pick your own pumpkins or pre-sorted, corn maze, pony rides and tractor ride among other things. It’s a fairly small place, perfect for out little family of three since Olivia can’t run around just yet.

Barts Farm

We went on the corn maze, just for fun and I just kept imagining Olivia running through it when she’s older. I also kept thinking of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but we can keep that a secret.

Barts Corn Maze

The corn maze leads you to their pumpkin patch, so we walked around for a bit.

Walking amongst pumpkins

We also tried sitting Olivia on one, but she didn’t love that.


So, we just picked a tiny one and it was much better.

OMA and baby pumpkin

We made our way back over to the pre-picked pumpkins to take the classic baby with the pumpkins pic. Here, she had a blast and was infatuated by the stem’s texture.

OMA pumpkins

We walked around for a bit and watched the ponies before heading home.

Walk walk walk

On the way back, we stopped at the orchard to get some apple cider donuts and had BBQ for dinner. Then, we just hung out and tried out some Halloween Snapchat filters because it’s what we do to spend the time.

Snapchat halloween

Sunday it was all about Olivia and I. Ryan went fishing, so it was girls’ day over here.

out on Sunday

After running some errands in the morning, the rest of the day was spent playing and taking care of this little girl.

play play play

Let me tell you, it was exhausting.

yawn OMA

But we also had a ton of fun.

silly time

She actually developed a little bit of a rash, not sure from what and she’s all good now, but her spirits were still the same. Olivia was her usual happy self. She’s in the middle of getting up in this pic, notice the weird foot in the bottom…

make some music

Spending a whole day with her kinda makes you forget how tiny she truly is, until she crawls away really fast and you see her standing up at a distance. She might think she’s a lot older than she is, but Olivia is still a tiny baby who needs ALL the attention. I willingly give it to her though. She makes me just as happy.

little small

Overall, nice weekend. Hoping for a good week ahead!

From Pinterest With Love #3

Hey! I finally got a project done! Can you believe it? It only took me about a month since I started it, but it’s done. If I had a free hour, it would’ve been done in that time, but life happens and taking care of a baby, a husband and a house is priority number one around here. Anyways, here’s a cute project I found on Pinterest from Coral and Co. It’s a knot bow headband and Olivia is going to love it!

Knot Bow Headband

The materials are pretty simple, some knit fabric, the pattern she provided on the site, a sewing machine, needles, scissors, and, in my case, some Easy Knit Interfacing. I say in my case because this knit stretched two ways and the interfacing helped give it shape and keep it from rolling.

Knot Bow Headband materials

With that said, the first thing I needed to do was to fuse the Easy Knit to my fabric. It is applies on the backside with a hot iron. The interfacing stretches in one direction, so you want to make sure you align this stretch with the fabric’s stretch in the same direction. It also has a shiny/sticky side that goes against the fabric.

Knot Bow Headband easy knit

Section by section, press a hot iron with steam on the fabric with a damp press cloth in between. The purpose of the cloth is to keep your iron clean and away from any glue and to provide the moisture and heat that will activate the adhesive. Lift and press, lift and press, until it’s all fused together.

Knot Bow Headband  iron

Fold the fabric in half and lay the pattern down. Pin in place before cutting.

Knot Bow Headband pattern

Cut two pieces for each pattern. I made two headbands, so I had 4 pieces cut out.

Knot Bow Headband  cut pieces

Pin the two pieces together with right sides facing each other.

Knot Bow Headband pin

I have a very basic sewing machine without any special needles or specialty “feet”. I don’t have a walking foot or a double needle. So, I went with a zigzag stitch and it worked perfectly. I also used regular thread and have had no problems so far. Sew along all sides leaving a 1-2” gap.

Knot Bow Headband zigzag stitch

Turn inside out and sew the opening shut.

Knot Bow Headband close

Tie a knot at the end and done!

Knot Bow Headbands

Display on your baby and enjoy the cuteness!

playtime headband

Seriously, I love it! and her face in this pic…

Knot Bow Headband  OMA

Have a good weekend!

headband OMA

On Olivia’s Schedule

Well, this weekend was all over the place. Olivia had her ups and downs and you’ll be able to tell which day of the week was better because if the amount of pictures ha! She was as happy as a clam on Saturday and taking her naps and eating right on schedule. Sunday, she decided to throw it all out the window. Plans were broken and the day was spent taking care of a very needy eight month old.

Friday, it was time for silly. She’s a mover and found an empty box, so Ryan proceeded to sit her in it and ride her around the house. She had a blast.

OMA in a box

Saturday, I woke up early and my little dreamer was still sleeping. I used the opportunity to make myself some hot coffee and sit down with my breakfast and read a magazine from September (that’s how far behind I am). I can’t remember the last time I was able to do this and it was quite relaxing. She actually slept a full eight hours from Friday to Saturday.

Saturday quiet time

She was happy as can be the whole day. We went grocery shopping and stopped by Target. She was wide awake, so I sat her on the shopping cart and she absolutely loved it. I got her ready in the parking lot and as soon as I sat her in the cart she started looking around marveled at her 360 view. It was quite hilarious to see how excited she got.

Big Girl at Target

Back home, we spent the day playing and following her around wherever she went.

OMA raspberries

She also helped me fold a load of laundry. By ‘fold’ I mean she crawled over the laundry sac like a mountain goat. At least she left my already-folded piles alone.

Laundry OMA

Once Ryan got back from fishing, I took a little time to get some cooking going and relaxed for 5 minutes in the kitchen. She really wears me out sometimes.

5 Min Relax

Then, we headed over to Dairy Queen for some ice-cream. It was her first experience and after the shock of how cold it was, she loved it. Like mother like daughter.

Ice Cream OMA

This is how she rides in her stroller now. One leg up, always.

Leg Up OMA

Sunday, was a different story. She was fuzzy all day long and wanted to be held all the time. Fortunately, I was able to get away for a bit to get some dinner done and some extra to freeze and eat later.

Chicken Pot Pie overload

Monday morning, she was back to her happy ol’ self.

Happy Monday

Here’s to a good week with this little girl that keeps us on our toes!

Olivia’s Eight Month Update

Well, one thing is for sure, this little nugget has spunk! Olivia is go-go-go and doesn’t sit still for too long. She’s still a happy little thing and we love every second we get to spend with her.

OMA Eight Months


Sometimes I feel like all she does is eat. She wakes up to nurse, then has a small portion of fruit or veggie with a little bit of cereal. At daycare, she has three six ounce bottles plus one meal of fruit and veggies. Back home, she nurses again, has dinner (usually fruit, veggie and meat) and nurses again before bed. Eat, eat, eat. It’s her favorite. She’s also a huge fan of puffs and it’s the cutest thing ever to watch her grab them with her little fingers and get them to her mouth. She’s getting better by the day and has shown a preference to her right hand. We’re still working with water in the sippy cup. Sometimes she’s good, sometimes she had no idea what’s going on.

Still pumping three times a day at work and once in the middle of the night. This last one is what helps me keep up with her feeding needs.

OMA at table


We’ve been dealing with a bit of separation anxiety over here. Some nights she’ll sleep the whole time in her crib, with a break in there where she wakes up and we need to get her back to bed. Other nights, mostly when I’m too exhausted to function, I just bring her to bed because I know she’ll fall asleep without a problem. She’s had a few days when we’ve had to change her overflowing diapers, which mostly means were reaching the end of this size. Thankfully, most of the midnight feedings are done with, except when she’s having a particularly fuzzy or active day.

As far as naptime goes, she’s still on two longer naps during the day and then a couple of short snoozes to and from daycare.

Looks whos standing

Awake Time

If it was up to her, she would be walking already. She’s got the crawl down, and has moved on to concentrating on her balance. She pulls up to standing with ease now and hardly totters when doing so. She just starting testing letting go of her hands and balancing. She also like to stand, then turn around and throw her weight at me. Experimenting with new ways to move around is her jam.

OMA Standing

She loves to put everything she encounters in her mouth, books, jewelry, toys, grass, my face, you name it. Still, no signs of teething.

toys on deck

She loves playtime, specially if were right there with her making her smile. She’s showing more interest in books, but still prefers items that make noise. She also never spends more than a few seconds on an item, switching from toy to toy and over again. Plus, her favorite jungle gym is us.

ryan the jungle gym


She met some of her great aunts this month for the first time.

She pulls on her ears when tired or sleepy.

Ear pulling OMA

She had a couple of accidents trying to swallow a puzzle piece (she spit/puked it out herself) and a leaf (at daycare and she puked it out on top of a kid, oh my!). She’s good though, just a reminder that we need to keep an eye on her at all times.

We also had a visit from Titita this month!

Titita and OMA

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love her with all my heart and truly cherish every second I get to spend with her.

All Over the Place

Good morning! Sorry it’s been a week since I last wrote, but I really haven’t been up to much over here. This weekend, on the other hand, was pretty busy. Friday night we stayed home and caught up on playtime with this little doll.

Friday playtime

Pure face of concentration. She started to try to move around the table and reach over to the buttons on the other side. This girl is a mile a minute.

Pure concentration

Saturday, we had a 4am wake-up call to make the drive to Des Moines and meet Kayla for the Bubble Run. We had signed up super early in the year and the time finally came. It was soooo cold to start!

Bubble Run DSM 01

Nonetheless, it was a pretty fun time and it was great to catch up with her for a bit.

Bubble Run DSM 02

Right after that, Ryan and I headed to his hometown to visit with family. First though, was some quality time with dad.

Monkeying around w dada

And of course, the grandparents got some Olivia time as well.

Grandparents A

We spent the rest of the afternoon over at Ryan’s grandpa’s house until Olivia’s bedtime.

Greatgrandpa A

Sunday, we headed home early just to get ready for the week and get Olivia back on track. Anytime we’re out of town and in the car for a while, her schedule is a mess and we end up having some rough nights. Turned out to be a great decision because she was super happy for the rest of the day once we were home.

Horseying arond

I was able to get a bunch of stuff done around the house and in the yard as well. I got rid of some of my annuals before the frost got to them, but I did save some seeds to plant with Olivia next year. Should be fun! After a Cowboys win and some more playtime, the weekend was over too soon.

Linaria seeds

Already looking forward to the next one!