Criss Cross Ribbon Pillow

Good morning! By the time you read this, I’ll probably be on my way to see my family! My parents’ 60th birthday is this year, so we rented a catamaran and will be wandering around the British Virgin Islands for the next week. I can’t wait to see them! In the meantime, I’ll leave you with another sewing project I worked on this week, another decorative pillow.

Criss Cross Pillow diy

It took me some time to figure it out and after some fighting with my machine, I was finally able to get this thing done. The brown fabric I used was pretty thin, so my sewing machine kept bunching it up at the needle instead of moving it through. Thankfully, I got it figured out and here’s the result.

Materials needed:

  • fabric of choice
  • ribbon in one or two colors
  • 18×18 pillow insert
  • 20”+ zipper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • sewing machine and thread

Criss Cross Pillow materials

Fabric cuts needed:

  • (2) 18”x18” of brown fabric
  • (4) 24” green ribbon
  • (4) 22” ivory ribbon
  • (2) 2”x3” brown fabric for zipper sides
  • (1) zipper to 15.5”

Criss Cross Pillow fabric cuts

First up, lay a piece of the brown fabric down and align the first two pieces of ribbon. For the green ribbon, place the edge at the three inch mark from each corner and pin in place. For the ivory, do the same but at the 4” mark.

Criss Cross Pillow ribbon layout

Rotate and pin the next two strips. This time, make sure to start weaving in and out of the ribbons already in place.

Criss Cross Pillow pattern

Finish with the remaining ribbons to make the complete design.

Criss Cross Pillow ins and outs

Get the zipper ready by folding the 2×3 pieces in half and sewing along the edges of the zipper.

Criss Cross Pillow zipper sides

With the ribbon/fabric face up, align the zipper along the edge face down and pin. Sew zipper to fabric.

Criss Cross Pillow attach zipper

Do the same with the other edge of the zipper and the plain cut of fabric.

Criss Cross Pillow zipper close

Open and iron seams flat.

Criss Cross Pillow iron seams

Fold along zipper with fabric fronts facing each other and pin in place. Sew along all three edges. Make sure the zipper is open for this step.

Criss Cross Pillow finish sewing

Turn inside out and remove any pins.

Criss Cross Pillow removable

Grab your pillow insert. This time I used a feather fill option.

Criss Cross Pillow insert

Place pillow inside…

Criss Cross Pillow w pillow

…and close zipper.

Criss Cross Pillow close zipper

Done! The ribbons in this design are loose other than the edges. The pillow filling keeps taught. Alternately, you can sew down the middle or seams of each ribbon, or use some fabric glue to keep them from shifting around. I’ll probably end up putting a small dot of fabric glue at each intersection.

Criss Cross Pillow with Removable Zipper Cover

With the zipper, it’s easy to remove and wash both the cover and the pillow. Another removable option without hardware is my Blue Square Removable Pillow Cover.

Criss Cross Pillow with zipper

Happy sewing and have a great weekend!

Purple Necklace with Oven Baked Clay Beads

Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s going to be a rainy day today, so I’m already planning on having some hot chocolate tonight. I may or may not still be milking the fact that I ran 13 miles on Saturday. Also, not sure if I have mentioned it before, but yoga is amazing. My legs were pretty sore after the race and a quick yoga session Monday night made all the pain go away. Seriously amazing.

Once again, I found my way back to my jewelry passion. Remember that Seashell Jewelry Holder I made not too long ago? Well, that same day I made myself some beads and finally made a necklace with them. Purple Power!

Clay Bead Necklace

Making the beads is quite simple. If needed, you can reference that post for more details. Basically, you take a few colors of the Sculpey clay, mix them together and form into various sized orbs.

Clay Bead Necklace beads

Slide a toothpick though the middle of each bead to create a hole and bake for about 30 minutes in a 275 degree oven.

Clay Bead Necklace hole in beads

Once cooled, you can glaze the beads with the Sculpey satin glaze. Hold them with a toothpick and let them dry propped up on any surface that works. If you have any thick cardboard or foam, that should work too.

Clay Bead Necklace gloss coat

Now, it’s time to assemble the necklace.

Clay Bead Necklace clay beads

You’ll need:

  • crimping pliers
  • flat nose pliers
  • crimp beads and covers
  • clasp
  • jump rings
  • wire
  • beads

Clay Bead Necklace materials

Gather up your beads and come up with your design. Basically going from big to small was the way to go for me. 18” will be your average necklace length.

Clay Bead Necklace layout

On one end of the wire, attach a jump ring and hold in place with a crimp bead. Finish with a crimp cover and clasp.

Clay Bead Necklace clasp end

Then, just start threading in you r beads in order. Once done, finish necklace with another crimp bead, jump ring and clasp combo. This time, another jump ring was used as the other end of the clasp.

Clay Bead Necklace assemble

And done!

Clay Bead Necklace instructions

The best part about chunky necklaces, they go with pretty much every neckline. Love them!

Purple Oven Bake Clay Bead Necklace

I really can’t wait to experiment even more with making my own beads. Stay tuned!

Marion Arts Festival Half Marathon

Hello!!!! I just ran my second half marathon this weekend and my legs hurt, but it was all worth it! I had a pretty open mindset about the race and didn’t really set any goals other than to finish the race and be able to walk afterwards. Goal accomplished!

Friday, I kept it pretty low key. After some debating, I decided to go to packet pick-up instead of waiting til the morning, just to ease my mind. It was quite seamless and it was nice to see the artists setting up. The half marathon I ran was part of the Marion Arts Festival.

Packet PickUP

On my way back, I didn’t really want to bother with dinner, so I just picked up some pizza. Pizza Hut = carb loading at its finest.

Carb Load Pizza Hut

After laying out my gear and some ice-cream to calm the nerves, it was time for bed.

 Race Gear ready

Woke up early Saturday to get ready and Ryan decided to pump me up by playing a compilation of Rocky’s training scenes and music. It worked like a charm, at least my nerves died down by distracting me a bit.

morning prep

After breakfast (white bread toast with strawberry jelly), I was off to the race. Ryan was going to meet me there afterwards. On my walk over to the starting line I had my pre-race fuel of choice, a Honey Stinger Waffle. They’re pretty delicious too!

Honey Stinger pre race

Race time! The course went along the town through both streets and trails. I really enjoyed this race because it was small enough that I wasn’t fighting with people along the course. I just ran my own race listening to my music and just enjoying the time. The first five miles went by super quick!

Final push

There were a few hills, but nothing steep or uncomfortable. The volunteers were also great! Before I knew it, I just had three miles to go and feeling pretty good.  At this point I wish I had some more fuel on me, I finished my packet of Cliff gel,  but I knew I was going finish without a problem. Once I the finish line was in my sight, I gave it a little push, and seeing Ryan cheering me on gave me the extra kick I needed to sprint to the finish.


According to my phone, I finished the race in 2:17:01 with a 10:19 average pace. Chip time hasn’t been released yet… I was and am super happy with the race and results. We walked around for a little bit while I ate my post race fuel and stretched my legs. Plus, I did take advantage of the free massages for runners. Yes!

post race pic

On our way home, we stopped to get some more food, because running makes you really hungry. A turkey sandwich, some fruit and an iced coffee were just perfect. Plus, I picked up a cake to eat later as my treat.


After showering and getting ready, we had some friends over for the rest of the day. We just hung out, chatted and cooked some dinner. It was great catching up with all of them!

beauty and the beasts

And as promised, I had my little piece of heaven cake just before bed. Just perfect.

race perks

Sunday my quads were pretty sore, so Boone and I went out for a walk to stretch them out and for his therapy walk. Multi-tasking is the best. He actually did pretty well, but I could tell he felt the strain by the end of our around-the-block walk.

walking the dog

After chasing a baby around all Saturday and his walk, he spent the rest of the day sleeping. Lazy Sunday is his motto.

Boone's Sunday

I, on the other hand, spent the day crafting. Pretty relaxing Sunday indeed.

beafing around

I must say that this weekend definitely exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait for the next!

Two Tone Makeup Pouch

So excited for Friday! I’ve spent all this week thinking it was one day later than what it really was, so I’m quite excited for it to end. I’m running the Marion Arts Festival Half Marathon tomorrow and I’m definitely both nervous and excited. Ryan and I will also be having some friends over this weekend which I always look forward to. When most of your friends live far away, you truly appreciate any time spent with them. Also, it’s been three weeks now since Boone’s surgery and he’s doing great. He might be feeling too confident though since he wants to jump up to our couches all the time. He’s ready to be done with recovery.

Anywhosers, today I’m sharing with you another sewing project. It’s a small two tone pouch you can use as an emergency kit or for makeup or whatever your heart desires to keep on you at all times. I’ve had this idea for a while, so it feels great to finally make it happen, plus it’s super cute!

Two Tone Makeup Pouch

The materials needed:

  • fabric in two different colors
  • fusible interfacing
  • 7” zipper
  • cutting matt
  • rotary cutters and/or scissors
  • ruler
  • iron
  • sewing machine fitted with coordinating thread.

Two Tone Pouch materials

The cuts of fabric are as follows (note that I use a quarter inch seam allowance):

  • (2) accent color 7.5”x2”
  • (2) canvas color 7.5”x4”
  • (2) liner fabric 7.5”x5.5”
  • (2) fusible interfacing 7”x5”
  • (2) zipper accents 2”x3”
  • (1) zipper 7” (do not cut off the pull end)

Two Tone Pouch cuts

The first step is to line up the two outside colors and get the sides set up. Pin the accent color to the canvas color along the long edge and sew. If your fabric has a wrong side, make sure these are facing out. Open and iron flat.

Two Tone Pouch sides

Next, iron on the fusible interfacing to the back side of each piece. In reality, the interfacing is not an integral part of the piece, but I like that it gives it a little more structure.

Two Tone Pouch interfacing

Now let’s get the zipper ready. Fold each 2×3 piece in half along the long edge and press. Then, open and fold each edge toward the crease line in the middle and press again. You’ll end up making a nice pocket for your zipper to fit into.

Two Tone Pouch zipper sides

Place one of these pockets on each side of your zipper and sew in place. Remember to be careful and cautious anytime you sew across the zipper.

Two Tone Makeup Pouch zipper

Time to start assembling the pouch. Align the pieces in the following order: one side face up, zipper face down, liner (face down if it has a wrong side). Sew the three together along the zipper line. Open up and repeat on the other edge and with the other two pieces. Iron all seams flat.

Two Tone Makeup Pouch align

Open up the zipper of your pouch and align the side so the two outsides are facing each other and the two liners are facing each other on either side of the zipper. Pin everything in place.

Two Tone Pouch alignment

Sew along all edges leaving about a three inch gap in the liner bottom.

Two Tone Pouch sew shut

Finally, turn garment inside out through the opening and sew the liner shut.

Two Tone Pouch close liner

At this point, your piece is ready to go.

Two Tone Makeup Pouch instructions

Being me, I decided to give it a little extra spunk, so I added a pig silhouette.The steps are actually quite simple. Trace you design to a piece of freezer paper (a), cut out the silhouette to create a stencil (b), iron on to fabric shiny side down (c), paint with a foam brush like if you were using a sponge (d), take out stencil and let dry (e).

Two Tone Makeup Pouch paint

Now there’s a cute little pig decorating the bag!

Two Tone Makeup Pouch sewing project

It might seem like a lot, but if you have all the materials, the project can really be done in one sitting. Plus, it makes a great gift!

If interested, here’s a tutorial for a Cosmetics Pouch with Personalized Photo. A little similar, but slightly different.


Once again, hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Seashell Jewelry Holder

Good morning! Since we’re in the middle of Spring, it means two things: unpredictable weather and cleaning time. I’m taking the time to go through everything in our house and donate things we don’t use and reorganize while I’m at it. At least that’s the plan. One of the things I find when I do this, is that I like to leave little knick knacks on top of any surface in the house. Change on the kitchen counters, bobby pins in the bathroom, earrings on my nightstand, you name it. So, I decided to do something about it and made myself a small jewelry holder out of clay.

Seashell Jewelry Holder instructions

The process is actually quite simple and it all starts with clay. I used Sculpey oven bake clay in four different colors. I went with a purple/ivory palette to resemble seashells because they’re awesome. You can find this clay in your good old craft store or online if preferred.

Seashell Jewelry Holder clay

You also don’t need to use a whole block. I just cut of a quarter off each and I had plenty extra.

Seashell Jewelry Holder colors

Work the clay until it is pliable and manageable. It takes a while, so get comfy. At this point, you can mix the colors together.

Seashell Jewelry Holder mix

Flatten a piece into a disc using your hands or a rolling pin. If you need it to be flat/flat, the rolling pin is the way to go for a smooth surface. Just make sure you cover each surface with some parchment or wax paper.

Seashell Jewelry Holder disc

From here, cut out the shape you want with an X-Acto knife.

Seashell Jewelry Holder cut and shape

Mold the shape up to create a dish and add any details you may want. I scored a few lines into my piece. You can either hold the shape with some rolled up parchment paper or just place the piece in a oven safe dish.

Seashell Jewelry Holder mold

Bake at 275 degrees for 30 minutes per 1/4 inch. Once done, take out and let cool.

Seashell Jewelry Holder bake

If desired, you can use some glaze to give your piece a finished look, but this step is totally optional.

Seashell Jewelry Holder glaze

After it’s nice and dry, put your new piece to good use.

Seashell Jewelry Holder with clay

Hopefully for me, that’ll mean no more messy countertops, nightstands, tables, etc.

Seashell Jewelry Holder

Have fun sculpting!