Meet Tucker

Hi! If you hung out with a puppy this weekend, then you had as much fun as I did! Friday afternoon Ryan picked up his dad’s birthday present, a gorgeous chocolate lab. He’s just 9 weeks old and soooo cute. Olivia got to spend some time with the puppy. We gave his the surprise Friday night when they got into town. He was super in love with him and I think it’s the first time in a while that Olivia wasn’t the center of attention. She was fine with it though, it was her bedtime.

OMA and Tucker

Saturday morning we hit up the farmer’s market with the family. Tucker, the puppy, got a lot of attention. He’s just too cute! It was kinda overcast which was good because we were able to keep the canopy open and entertain Olivia while we walked around.

At the market

With the plenty of stops for puppy petting, Ryan and I stole a second for a quick selfie. Love!

Farmers Market duo

Once back, I went to the trail to get a quick run in during Olivia’s nap time. The temperature was in the 70s, so I really had no excuse. Three more miles done. Hope to increase them next weekend…

After my run

We hung out outside for most of the afternoon since the day was so gorgeous.

My Saturday

Plus, more puppy cuddles! Like any other puppy, he goes from completely passed out tired to destroying everything in site in a matter of seconds. Main reason Ryan and I are not getting a puppy just yet. I’m going to need all my time to run after Olivia once she starts really crawling all over the place.

Tucker sleepy

Talking about crawling, she’s doing pretty good. She’s an expert at the belly flop crawl now.

OMA cloesup

After dinner and once Olivia went to bed, Ryan and I snuck out for a date night. We went to a new restaurant, Pig & Porter, for a few drinks. It had a pretty cool atmosphere and everyone was super nice. We’ll definitely come back for dinner some time.

Pig & Porter Date Night

The conversation was flowing, so we decided to stay for an after dinner or two… Felt good to spend some time just the two of us without being interrupted or having any to-dos to take care of at the house.


Sunday, we pretty much hung out on the floor with Olivia almost all day long. Took some naps and scrambled for food since I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while. Need to do that today!

Lounging around

Some of our fun included placing Olivia on one end of the blanket, while we tried to build  a 10-block tower before she got to it and knocked it over. It was pretty entertaining for everybody. She had a determined look on her face whenever she started in the direction of the tower. Super cute.


Hope this week goes by fast! I’m already ready for the weekend and spending more time with this little lady.

Have a good day!

From Pinterest With Love #2

Time for another try at a Pinterest project! This time, I wanted to try out a poppy seed and lemon recipe I had seen a while ago. One, I was craving lemon. Two, it was a great option to try a to-go breakfast option. Plus, scones are delicious with coffee. Everyone knows that.

This Lemon Poppy Seed Scones recipe is from Annie’s Noms and it was pretty easy to make. Delicious too!

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

There’s something about the flavor combo between lemon and poppy seeds that just goes together perfectly. The added crunch also gives it a nice texture.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones flavors

The batter comes together pretty well and in just a few steps. First combining all the dry ingredients, including the butter. Instead of my hands though, I used a pastry blender and it worked just fine.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones ingredients

Followed by the wet ingredients. Yes, I did mess up and added the lemon juice in the first step, but I don’t think it messed with the recipe at all.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones dough

I used parchment paper on a pizza pan to shape the dough into a disc and then slice and separate the scones.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones shape

After baking, took about 12 minutes for me, I unwillingly let them cool. They looked so good I just wanted to have one.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones  baked

The icing was pretty simple, and I poured it in streaks instead of a glaze that covered the whole pastry. Lemon Poppy Seed Scones  icing

The taste? Pretty good. Personally, I would have loved a stronger lemon taste but that could just be due to the lemon measurements not being exact. Next time, I’ll probably add a bit more lemon zest. Maybe even some on the top?

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones ready

The texture? Perfect! Exactly what you expect from a cone. A bit dense, a little on the dry side, but soft at the same time.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones texture

In conclusion, this was a great recipe and you should try it. Fairly simple and great taste, just add some more lemon if you love a bolder taste. I will definitely be making this one again.

Lemon Poppy Seed Scone

At the Iowa State Fair

Good morning! Hope your week has been off to a great start. sorry for the late post, but time just got away from me and well, life happens. I still did want to catch you up and what we were up to this weekend. It was a fun one! Our company provided tickets for the Iowa State Fair, so we headed that way on Sunday. Our Saturday took over Sunday’s responsibilities then so we stayed home and got ready for the week.

Olivia woke up early, so I hung out with her while having some coffee. She’s really getting into books now and we enjoyed this one that my mom sent her. So cute!

OMA books

Afterwards, I went out on a run and then got some groceries for the week and for Olivia’s baby food. Ryan and I made up a dew batches of zucchini, apple, pear, squash and carrots. It’s kinda of a whole process at first. but now we have a ton of food options ready for her, which is nice. On our appointment yesterday, the pediatrician did say that it’s good that we make our own because it also introduces her to different textures, instead of one sloppy mush.

Zucchini prep

Throughout the afternoon we also watched some Olympics. Specially, Monica Puig win her tennis match to give Puerto Rico it’s first gold medal ever in the Olympics. Yep, I cried. It was awesome! The match was amazing and she played to win. It was the first time ever that our national hymn, La Borinqueña, played in the Olympics. It was very emotional.

Puerto Rico wins gold

To end the night, since I had no desire to cook, we stopped by the St Jude’s Sweet Corn Festival to grab some grub and try out the baby carrier before the big day ahead. Once again, the food did not disappoint.

Corn Festival

Sunday, Olivia woke up bright and happy. Love it when she wakes up and just hangs out in her crib smiling and playing by herself. She just looks excited about life.

OMA morning

After feeding her and getting ready, it was time to hit the road and go to the State Fair. We have never been together and I hadn’t gone in a few years, so we were pretty pumped about it.

On the road to the fair

We walked around the fair checking out the animals for exhibition, the biggest bull ever and of course the classic butter cow.

Iowa State Fair sights

First food stop was a pork chop on a stick. Yep, it was delicious.

Pork Chop on a stick

We also spent some time in the exhibition garden which was nice and shady.

Master Garden

We took Olivia on the Ergo, in lieu of a stroller, and it worked perfectly. She took her naps in it without a problem.

OMA nap

And if we got a bit on the hot side, then we just carried her around. She’s at the perfect age when she can hold herself up pretty well while not needing to run around all over the place.

OMA w dad

Of course, Olivia wasn’t the only kid there. Ryan had to try out some carnival games. In his defense, he actually abstained himself from most of them.

Carnival games

We went to the snakes exhibit and Olivia seemed to enjoy it, at least the bright lights. I’m pretty sure she had no clue what she was looking at.

Snakes Alive

Some more pork for lunch.


And a milkshake on the way out. This is why I come to the fair.

OMA milkshake

It’s safe to say that we all had a great time. Once back home, we just relaxed to regain some energy before the week.

OMA All Smiles

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Olivia’s Six Month Update

This little girl is growing too fast! I can’t believe that just six months ago I was in the hospital getting to know this sweet little girl that had come to rule our world. She has been such a joy to have around and I sometimes have to pinch myself because it all seems like a dream. A really awesome dream. We love every second we get to spend with Olivia, watching her grow and develop, seeing how she responds to us and from time to rime using her as an excuse to go to bed early. She’s always so happy and has a smile ready for anybody willing to make a funny face or sound. I simply love her.

OMA Six Months


She’s eating like a champ. Still 6 oz per bottle at daycare and 2-3 feedings at home. Every so often, she has a run of waking up at night to feed, like right now. Usually goes hand in hand with a cold or growth spurt. She’s a very active baby and needs the extra calories to keep her moving.

We also reached the six month mark! This almost brings me to tears because it definitely hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world, but with a lot of effort and hard work I’ve managed to exclusively breastfeed Olivia for six months now. With help from the lactation consultants at the hospital and support from Ryan, I made it to this milestone which sometimes seemed impossible. Hopefully, we’ll keep on this path for a while.

Solid foods have been a hit with this little lady. She loves sweet potatoes, apples and pears. Still not sure about peas and hates green beans. We’re giving her about 2 tablespoons per feeding at night and she is getting pretty good at eating from the spoon. She mostly hates peas and green beans because they are a little grittier, so they’re a little more tolerable mixed in with some breast milk or sweet potatoes. Other than that, we’ll keep on trying new veggies and fruits to keep her meals varied. She does look forward to meal time and loves it when we get super excited when she eats. She’s a goof.

Eating outside OMA


Thankfully, sleep is pretty much back to normal. This week, since she has a cold, she has been waking up every night to eat and for comfort. Other than that, she had been pretty good at sleeping through the night. We definitely have a tummy sleeper though. even if we lay her on her back, she doesn’t last long. Plus, she moves all over the place at night going from end of the crib to the other. She still mostly nurses to sleep, but Ryan has been able to lay her down a couple of times, which is a good sign. She’s also mastering the skill of self soothing, grabbing the pacifier herself when she needs it. On the other hand, she’s pretty good at letting us know that she needs us by grabbing said pacifier and chucking it out of the crib.


Awake Time

We almost have a crawler in our hands. She can roll all over the place with ease, scoots backwards or forwards, rocks on all fours and sometimes sticks her butt up in the air and balances herself for a while. She’s definitely at the stage where we need to keep an eye on her because she’ll can be in the other side of the room before you know it. This little girl want to move!

OMA at play

Her demeanor is always happy and very curious. She loves observing and taking everything in. Plus, the best thing in the world to her is one on one interaction. She loves attention.

Target buddy

She also started saying actual phonetic syllables this month. Depending on who you ask, it’s ta-ta-ta or da-da-da. Either way she goes on little rants every so often which are the cutest thing ever. Other fun developments? She giggles and blows raspberries. Love it!

Playtime involves changing toys every minute because she gets bored, plus she loves toys with sounds Her favorite though might be being held superman style, dropping a toy on the floor and being guided to pick it up only to start again.


I’m doing mostly good. The bad? Still having down days once or twice a months, Ryan has been a rock star in getting me to smile again and helping me out when I feel like I’m drowning in to-dos. Also, I had to go back to the doctor for some follow up on my incision care. Hopefully it all gets sorted out. The good? Everything else. Exercising, although scarce, feels pretty good. I’m still pretty active around the house and I think I’ve finally figured out a nightly routine that works for everybody while still giving me some time to relax before bed. I still have only painted my nails once since giving birth, but I rather spend the time hanging out with my little girl.

Yoga challenge


Had a visit from my little sister Tania and Olivia got to spend a whole weekend with her, plus more pool time!

Pool Party OMA

Spent some time with Ryan’s family at the reunion.


Overall, she’s doing great. I mean, look at that face! Just adorable!

Staying Home

It may sound boring to a lot of people, but I love love weekends when we get to stay home, no plans, just going with the flow. There’s no expectations and we get to relax. It feels great if we get some things done around the house, but it’s not a big deal if we don’t. Yep, I love these weekends.

Friday, we decided to just hang out at the house and watch the opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics. It was more of an on and off watching experience because we still had a baby to take care of, which included feeding her. We tried pears Friday night and she did pretty good. She’s becoming a champ at this whole eating thing.

Feeding OMA

Then, we just had a beer while watching the games and waiting for Olivia’s bedtime.


Saturday morning was spent on the floor most of the time. Olivia is really trying to crawl and she’s so close. She rolls, scoots and leaps all over the place. Can’t leave her out of our sight anymore.

Floor hangout

After I got done cleaning the house, I was able to convince Ryan to go on a run with me. Thankfully the weather cooperated because if it was more than 75, he probably would’ve stayed home. Olivia, like usual, just napped during our whole 2.3 mile run.

After our run

All showered up and ready for the day.

The ladies

It was so nice out, that we decided to hit Buffalo Wild Wings to share a beer and some apps.


We wrapped up the night with some more Olympics and a movie. Well, sort of, because I fell asleep halfway through it…

Sunday, Olivia and I visited Target early to get some groceries, donuts and a few baby items we needed. She was super happy the whole time, which was great because I’m pretty sure she started this whole teething thing and gets fuzzy out of nowhere all the time. Poor thing.

Target buddy

During one of her naps, I used the time to get some yoga in. I’m doing a challenge on Instagram with a different pose every day. Even if I don’t work on a whole routine, at least I get to do a pose a day.

Yoga challenge

This picture of Olivia perfectly sums up the rest of the night. We watched some more Olympics, worked on a puzzle and rested o get ready for the week ahead.

How we feel

My little munchkin is turning 6 months on Thursday, what?!?!?!

Hope you have a great week!