A Brief Intro To Oklahoma Drug Law

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Although Oklahoma City does not fall in the same category as that of New York City when it comes to drug-related crimes, the authorities are taking the matter of drug-trafficking seriously in Oklahoma at present. In fact, they have implemented some stringent regulations on cocaine sales as well as possession. If you need assistance with your legal issues, look for an Oklahoma Interstate Drug Lawyer to help you with your case. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have provided a quick introduction to Obama drug law as it is prevalent in the city right now.

Oklahoma Drug Law on Cocaine

Cocaine is considered to be a Schedule 1 narcotic which means that its possession has been criminalized in every state along with its sale plus trafficking. In the city of Oklahoma, the sale of this narcotic might result in as many as 30 years of imprisonment plus a whopping $300,000 fine as well. Even a simple possession of cocaine might lead to 20 years of imprisonment depending on the quantity and whether one has any prior convictions.

Oklahoma Drug Law on Recreational Marijuana

The residents of Oklahoma usually do not indulge in smoking a joint since there is always the possibility of spending a considerable amount of time behind bars. As a matter of fact, the recreational use of this narcotic or even less than 1 ounce of possession might result in serious consequences. This can even lead to as much as 1 year of imprisonment plus a fine of approximately $1,000 for any first-time felony.

HB 2479 was signed by Mary Fallin, the governor of Oklahoma, in the month of April 2016, and the law was effective from the month of November same year. This helped to minimize the sentence in half for any second weed possession. Any subsequent offenses treated as crimes will lead to a penalty of at least one year of imprisonment to a maximum of 5 years plus a fine of up to $5,000.

Oklahoma Drug Law on The Consumption of CBD From Hemp Oil

There are many individuals who have found it very difficult to continue with marijuana and have started using hemp oil containing CBD instead. However, the good thing is that using the oil which is derived from the seeds and mature stocks of the hemp plant is not considered to be illegal in the city. It is highly contradictory to the majority of the regulations in Oklahoma which are strict on any type of cannabis including the hemp plant.

Oklahoma Drug Law on The Cultivation of Cannabis

The cultivation of cannabis in Oklahoma is considered to be a kind of felony and can lead to severe penalties depending on the amount of the narcotic. In case more than 1,000 plants are cultivated, one has to face an imprisonment of 20 years while he has to pay a fine of up to $25,000. On the other hand, if the cultivation exceeds 1,000 plants, one can be punished by 20 years in prison and in some cases even a life term along with a fee of up to $50,000.

Oklahoma Drug Law on Sale, Distribution, and Traffic of Weed

The sale of weed is considered to be a crime in this city which might even result in a life imprisonment irrespective of whether it is a first-time felony or not. One has to confront with a 2-year jail term for the sale of any quantity less than 25 pounds along with a fine of up to $20,000. On the other hand, a sale of weed anywhere between 25 pounds and 1,000 pounds will lead to a penalty of 4 years of imprisonment plus a fine of an amount between $25,000 and $100,000. Also, one might be required to face 4 years of life term by selling more than thousand pounds of the narcotic along with a maximum penalty of $500,000.

The legal justice system of Oklahoma will not allow any sale of weed to minors or within 2,000 feet from any school building, public recreational area or public housing. In that case, one has to pay a heavy penalty which can be twice of what would have been under normal circumstances.

Benefits Of Prohibiting The Use Of Drugs In Oklahoma

  1. It will help to protect the people. Illegal narcotics can be dangerous and individuals might suffer from various ailments resulting from their use. Moreover, the danger of using drugs is not limited only to their users. Addicts can become aggressive and violent after using the drugs which can cause problems for others.
  2. There will be less use of these narcotics. Prohibition of narcotics will help to minimize any harmful effect on the society.
  3. It will be possible to use the police resources to other areas in the city.
  4. Criminal gangs will cease to exist and there will be less gun violence.

Although many attempts have been made in Oklahoma to legalize drugs, it is still far from producing the desired results. In fact, there have been some serious concerns considering the fact that the Afro Americans in Oklahoma are almost 3 times more likely to be arrested as compared to their white counterparts in spite of consuming the identical amounts of narcotics. This is definitely not desirable, and we ought to deal with it strictly till we have an almost drug-free Oklahoma.

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