Half-Marathon Weekend

Hi! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was pretty awesome considering I ran my first half-marathon ever! Sooooo excited and happy about it. It’s something I never thought I could do, but with effort, discipline and a little sacrifice I got it done!

DSM Marathon

On Friday, I was a nervous anxious wreck. I worked on a job site so I got some manual labor done, which I would have avoided before a race if I had a choice. I was so tired after worked that I stopped at Coffeesmiths for a quick pick me up. It’s a great local coffee shop and the caffeine was delicious, but apparently got me a little too wired and it was  a battle between the caffeine going through my body and how tired I was. After a quick yoga session I fell asleep for about an hour.


The nerves were getting the best of me and I wasn’t feeling too good. I kinda felt nauseous and beat up. I gave myself a quick pep talk, jumped in the shower and got to work. I finished the load of laundry I had going, I packed for the race, cooked dinner (frozen pizza, super hard work), cleaned up the house a little and then rested. I would’ve just gone to bed after yoga, but knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I at least didn’t pack my bag. Stupid nerves.

Pre Race

Saturday, it was off to Des Moines. First stop was the Expo to pick up my packet and then over to a friend’s house where we were staying overnight. Once we got to Des Moines, I was surprisingly calm and ready for race day. I think the anticipation was just killing me on Friday.

Packet PickUp

We had lunch at Chipotle and then the group went golfing. I just hung out because I didn’t want to get sore before the race. It was a beautiful day so it was fine by me. We had dinner at Eatery A in Des Moines. Sooooo good. We had an olive appetizer, pizza and dessert. I crashed happy and ready for race day right after dinner.


Woke up on Sunday calm and determined. Ryan dropped me off and the nerves set in once again. But I ran the course, super happy and super proud of myself and the time I put in to accomplish this. It was great. (I’ll go into more race details on my recap on Wednesday). After the race was over, we had lunch at Macaroni Grill with Ryan’s family (his mom and sister walked the half for the third straight year).

Macaroni Grill

Once we got home, I was an achy mess. My knees hurt so I iced them while watching the Cowboys beat the Giants (!!!! the little things that make me happy). Had nachos for dinner and went to bed early. Thankfully, I can walk a little better today than yesterday. Here’s to a good recovery week!

Half Marathon Ladies

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