Breakfast Pizza

How you doing? I am fantabulous because today is the last day of work before the Christmas Break and I’m super excited. I’ll get to work on some gifts, home projects and get my baking on. Plus, I’ll be able to cuddle with Boone in the morning until he gets bored.

Breakfast this week was a no brainer thanks to some leftover Italian sausage. I made some breakfast pizza which lasted through a couple of days, which is alright in my book. It’s super easy and delicious. It’s also a great option for busy mornings because you can just pop it in the oven while multitasking somewhere else.

Breakfast Pizza with coffee

Here’s how it’s done. First, you need to make a crust. You can go the premade crust route, but Ryan and I prefer to make the just-add-water ones. We’ve tried Betty Crocker, which is good, but lately we’ve just been getting our local grocery store’s brand, HyVee, and it is just as good. Follow the packet directions to get a nice workable mix. Ryan is way better at this than I am, so I usually have him take care of the crust. His trick: put a plate upside down on the crust to create your border. Perfect pizza size and circle.

Breakfast Pizza mix

We use a pizza stone when we make pizzas. It’s actually pretty cheap and I highly recommend it for homemade pizzas. To keep the crust from sticking to it, I found that the best method is to cook in on top of parchment paper. This thing is really a glorious invention.

Breakfast Pizza crust

Once the crust is shaped, add a layer of melted Velveeta cheese, about 8 oz.

Breakfast Pizza  velveeta

Then, add about 1/2 cup of cooked Italian sausage (and/or bacon) and 2 scrambled eggs. To keep everything together, I usually top it off with a raw beaten egg (it’ll cook in the oven).

Breakfast Pizza  eggs

Add shredded cheese of choice. I went with a mix of mozzarella/provolone with a bit of cheddar. About 2 cups total. Top it off with salt and pepper.

Breakfast Pizza  cheese

Bake according to package directions.

Breakfast Pizza

Enjoy with a nice cup of coffee.

Breakfast Pizza  slice

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